national quality program standards
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National Quality Program Standards

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National Quality Program Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Quality Program Standards. is the URL to locate the assessments.  The chapter ID is the username and password for each chapter, i.e. IN1234 (login IS case sensitive ).

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national quality program standards

National Quality Program Standards the URL to locate the assessments. 

The chapter ID is the username and password for each chapter, i.e. IN1234 (login IS case sensitive)

Click on the Standard you would like to access. Your username and password are your Chapter ID#. (they ARE case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize your state abbreviation.)A screen like this will come up:


Click the Launch Assessment link.Please Note: There will be a slight delay while the application validates your ID and opens the assessment.
  • Once your assessment opens, you are free to read the text and answer the questions, clicking wherever necessary to move to the next area.
  • When you are at the end of an assessment you will see this:
If you have answered all the questions and are ready to move to the next, Click OK.You will now be taken to the results of the assessment you completed. This is a sample:
Here you can see a summary of your results.Click the RED link to access a printable copy of assessment results. They look like this:
Click File / Print on your Internet browser to print the assessment results.Once you are finished printing or viewing the assessment results, Click the Red X in the upper right corner. This will shut the window containing your results.You will now be back at this screen:
You may either click the NQPS link OR you may click ‘click here’ to be taken back to the list of assessments.
You are now ready to choose your next Assessment.

If you choose not to print your assessment results as you go, you may access them at a later date by clicking the Click here link on the page above. It will take you to the following screen:

Enter the same username and password as you did earlier.This screen will appear, Choose All Dates and Click See list of results.