v lkommen welcome information about course selection n.
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VÄLKOMMEN WELCOME Information about course selection PowerPoint Presentation
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VÄLKOMMEN WELCOME Information about course selection

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VÄLKOMMEN WELCOME Information about course selection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VÄLKOMMEN WELCOME Information about course selection. Tomas Otby, Master’s Programs Coordinator Kerstin Hawkins, Student Advisor for:

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VÄLKOMMEN WELCOME Information about course selection

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Tomas Otby, Master’s Programs Coordinator
  • Kerstin Hawkins, Student Advisor for:

Biomedical Engineering, Communication Electronics, Computational Sciences, Control and Autonomous Systems, Materials Physics and Nanotechnology, Molecular Electronics and System Design, Organic Electronics, System-on-Chip (Socware), and Wireless Networks and Electronics 

kursanm lan inf r vt10 course selection for spring 10
Kursanmälan inför VT10Course selection for Spring-10
  • Anmälan till vårterminens kurser
  • Select courses for spring semester
  • 1-10 oktober
  • October 1-10
  • Studentportalen
  • Student portal
varf r kursanm lan why course selection
Varför kursanmälan?Why course selection?
  • För planering av höstens kurser - schema, lärare, budget

For planning fall courses – schedule, instructors, budget

  • Utan kursanmälan, ingen registrering

- ingen registrering, inga poäng

  • Without course selection, no registration

- no registration, no credits

  • För allas skull – viktigt att det sker inom utsatt tid

For everyone’s sake – important that it happens within the required time frame

kursanm lan course selection
Kursanmälan:Course selection:
  • Studentportalen/ Student portal www.student.liu.se/portal/
  • Både obligatoriska och valbara kurser
  • Both mandatory (required) and optional program courses
  • Kontrollera att du har valt rätt kurser i Studiehandboken för 2010 www.lith.liu.se/sh2010
  • Check to make sure you have chosen the correct courses in the Student Handbook, www.lith.liu.se/sh2010/en
  • Kursanmälan är bindande
  • Course selection is binding
    • omval görs bara i mån av plats när terminen börjar, kompletterande kursanmälan på blankett
    • Re-selection is only possible if space allows when the semester begins, by using the form ’Change of Courses’
kursanm lan registrering course selection and registration
Kursanmälan & registreringCourse Selection and registration
  • Kursanmälan görs en termin i förväg. Reservation av plats på kurs. Course selection is done one semester in advance. It ensures you have a reserved spot for the course.
  • Registrering görs innevarande termin. Registration is done in the current semester.
    • registrera sig på termin/program
    • register for the semester/program
    • kurser – bekräftelse på vad man ska läsa
    • courses – confirmation of what you will study
    • omregistrering själv i portalen
    • re-registration can be done in the portal
  • Utan kursanmälan ingen kursregistrering!
  • Without course selection, no course registration
  • I portalen kan man se både kursanmälan och registrering – men det är INTE samma sak!
  • In the portal, you can see both course selection and course registration, but it is NOT the same thing!
program plan requirements
Program plan requirements
  • Mandatory courses in program plan must be included in degree
  • Optional courses MAY be substituted. If so, a formal decision is required from the program’s Board
  • The goal of the program must still be met if substituting courses. Always discuss with your program’s Student Advisor.
requirements for a degree
Requirements for a degree
  • a Bachelor's degree as specified in the entrance requirements
  • course requirements for a total of 120 ECTS credits from courses from the curriculum for the programme or after special decision from the programme board and thesis work
  • passed the requirements for all compulsory courses
  • courses on advancement level A (advanced) 90 ECTS credits including:
    • at least 30 ECTS credits courses from the major subject
    • a 30 ECTS credits Master's Thesis in the major subject
  • at least 45 ECTS credits from courses in mathematics or applications of mathematics from the Bachelor level (basic) or Master level (advanced), see list of specific courses
  • a Master's thesis presented and passed as per Linköping Institute of Technology degree regulations.
  • Courses overlapping each other regarding contents are not allowed to be included in the degree. Courses used for the Bachelor's degree can never be included in the Master's degree
  • Studiehandboken för 2010
  • Study Handbook for 2010
  • Instruktioner om anmälan
  • Instructions for course selection


obs please note
Obs!Please note!
  • Titta alltid i studiehandboken innan ni gör kursanmälan i studentportalen!
  • Always check the Study Handbook prior to selecting your courses in the portal!
  • Skiljer sig uppgifterna åt så gäller uppgifterna i studiehandboken.
  • If the information differs, refer to the study handbook.
  • Vid tveksamheter eller frågor, vänd er till studentvägledarna eller till studievägledaren för ditt program.
  • If you are unsure or have questions, ask your program’s student counselor or Study Counselor.
kontaktinformation contact information
KontaktinformationContact information
  • Tomas Otby, 013-282356, tomas.otby@liu.se
  • Reception hours:
  • Wednesday and Friday 13.30-15.00 in Linköping, Origo 2229
  • Thursday 12.00-13.30 in Norrköping, Kåkenhus 1306
  • Other times by appointment only
kontaktinformation contact information1
KontaktinformationContact information
  • Kerstin Hawkins, 013-285754, kerstin.hawkins@liu.se
  • In Linköping Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Reception in the B building, Tuesdays 12.15 to 13.00. Other times, by appointment.
  • In Norrköping on Wednesdays. By appointment only.