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Amazon Basin. Reece Updike, Danika Lee, Todd Hendrix, Jinhyun Song, and. Student Names Hidden to Protect Privacy. Where is it Located?. The Amazon Basin is a region located in northern South America west of the Andes covering most of Northern Brazil

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Amazon basin

Amazon Basin

Reece Updike, Danika Lee, Todd Hendrix, Jinhyun Song, and

Student Names Hidden to Protect Privacy

Where is it located
Where is it Located?

  • The Amazon Basin is a region located in northern South America west of the Andes covering most of Northern Brazil

  • It also covers small parts of many other countries including: Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

  • The Amazon river runs through it

A picture showing the location of the Amazon Basin


  • The climate of the Amazon Basin ranges from tropical wet, to tropical wet-dry.

  • Fun fact: Because it is so close to the equator, the temperature in the Amazon Basin changes more between day and night, then it does in the different seasons.

Characteristics of the climate
Characteristics of the climate trees.

  • The Amazon Basin is divided into two climate zones, tropical wet, and tropical wet-dry, I realize this is kind of confusing so here is an explanation.

  • Tropical means hot and humid.

  • Tropical wet means hot, humid, and rainy all year.

  • Tropical wet-dry means hot, and humid with a rainy season that does NOT last all year.

Economy trees.

  • The people of the Amazon Basin are mostly tribal and have little communication with the outside world.

  • For the most part they live by fishing, they also use some agriculture and gathering.

People of the land
People of the land trees.

  • The people produce lots of fish.

  • The people used to live in tribal fashion but they have been influenced to use many modern and western things.

  • Many of them have begun wearing western clothing and make routine trips to cities to buy food.

  • They make many decorative things to sell to the tourists who go down the river in boats.

  • Some use GPS technology to protect their land.

Products of the basin
Products of the Basin trees.

  • The people mainly produce fish, and not much else.

Challenges of living in the basin
Challenges of Living in the Basin trees.

  • It is very challenging for tribal peoples living in the Basin, as was explained before, they have been greatly influenced by the west. This was simply influences but some people have harmed them both intentionally and unintentionally.

  • One thing was that some people accidentally introduced diseases such as malaria to the people who had no defense against it

  • Also some gold miners have been polluting the river with mercury and when the government tried to regulate their growth they started a full riot