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Pilgrims and Native Americans

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Pilgrims and Native Americans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pilgrims and Native Americans. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?. Pilgrims. Pilgrims. Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from England to America almost 400 years ago. They left England because they were not free to practice their religion. Mayflower.

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Pilgrims and Native Americans

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pilgrims and native americans

Pilgrims and Native Americans

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from England to America almost 400 years ago.
  • They left England because they were not free to practice their religion.
  • 102 Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower to America.
native americans
Native Americans
  • Also called Indians, but we call them Native Americans because they were the first people to live in our country.
  • The Wampanoag lived by farming, hunting, and gathering.
  • Village moved to the seashore to plant crops.
  • Planted: corn, squash, and beans.
  • Fished for: bass, herring, and eel.
fall and winter
  • Moved to the forest
  • Hunted: deer, wolf, bear, beaver, moose, wild turkey, raccoon, otter, and wild cat.
  • These animals provided food and clothing.
  • Never took more than they could use.
  • After every harvest and good hunting season, the Wampanoag thanked the spirits.
  • Thankful
wampanoag families
Wampanoag Families
  • Children did not go to school. They learned the skills they would need to know from their parents.
  • Sachem: The leader or chief.
  • Massasoit was the sachem at the time of the Pilgrims.
november of 1620
November of 1620
  • 102 Pilgrims landed in Cape Cod.
  • The Pilgrims decided to look for somewhere else to live.
  • December of 1620: Pilgrims relocated to Plymouth.
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts became the new location because of the big open land and a place to dock the boats.
  • Pilgrims worked hard to build homes.
  • They got sick because they didn’t have enough to eat and the cold winter made them sick.
  • 52 Pilgrims died.
  • 25 of the 52 Pilgrims were children and only 4 were women.
  • When the captain of the Mayflower went back to England in the Spring, none of the Pilgrims wanted to go back.
  • All 50 stayed at Plymouth
pilgrims and wampanoag
Pilgrims and Wampanoag
  • Pilgrims became friends with the Wampanoag.
  • They met Samoset who introduced the Pilgrims to Squanto.
  • He was kidnapped and sent to Spain.
  • He escaped and went to England where some kind people helped him to return home.
  • Squanto learned to speak English while in England.
  • When he returned to his village, everyone had died.
  • Squanto had been living with the Wampanoag.
  • Squanto’s village was the exact place the Pilgrims settled. That is why the land had been cleared of the trees.
squanto taught the pilgrims
Squanto taught the Pilgrims:
  • How to plant corn, squash, and beans.
  • He showed the Pilgrims how to fertilize the soil with fish.
  • How to catch lobster, eel, and other fish.
  • How to tap maple tree for their sugary sap
  • How to hunt deer and wild turkey.
peace with wampanoag
Peace with Wampanoag
  • Pilgrims made friends with Massasoit and made a peace treaty with the Wampanoag.
  • Pilgrims decided to have a Home Harvest Celebration
home harvest celebration
Home Harvest Celebration
  • Pilgrims invited the Wampanoag sachem, Massasoit and his people.
  • The feast lasted for 3 days.
  • 140 people came
  • 90 Native Americans came
  • Pilgrims were not prepared for this many people.
  • Massasoit, being a wise sachem, sent his braves out into the forest and they came back with 5 deer.
plenty to eat
Plenty to Eat

Pilgrims and Native Americans ate:

  • sea bass, Cod, duck, turkey, geese, and deer
  • Cornmeal, corn, squash, beans, and fruit
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