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Organizational Communication

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  1. Types of Communication BOM 3305.01 Organizational Communication By: Brace Huse

  2. Communication • A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior (merriam-webster.com, 2010). http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/communication

  3. Types of Communication 1 2 3 Verbal Intentional Unintentional Nonverbal Supportive Six Types of Communication (Tubbs, 2008) 4 5 Defensive 6 http://coursesmart-link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/

  4. Types of Communication Intentional Unintentional • Intentional communication occurs when we communicate what we mean to (Tubbs, 2008, p. 41). • Unintentional communication occurs when we communicate something different from what we intend, as when we accidentally offend someone (Tubbs, 2008, p. 41). http://coursesmart-link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/

  5. Types of Communication Verbal Nonverbal • Verbal communication is the use of words to get across a message (Tubbs, 2008, p. 42). • Nonverbal communication is the use of physical actions, such as facial expression or tone of voice, to get across a message (Tubbs, 2008, p. 42). http://coursesmart-link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/

  6. Types of Communication Defensive Supportive • Defensive communication occurs when a psychological barrier is created, known as a defense mechanism • (Tubbs, 2008, p. 41). • Supportive communication minimizes these types of problems (Tubbs, 2008, p. 41). http://coursesmart-link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/

  7. Types of Communication According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian.... Verbal “Spoken words only account for 7% of the what a listener perceives” (ericberne.com, 2010). Nonverbal “93% of what a listener comprehends originates from the speaker's body language”(ericberne. com, 2010). http://www.ericberne.com/people/albertmehrabian.htm

  8. Types of Communication Associated with Nonverbal Communication Movement Facial Expression Hand Gesture Body language Associated with Verbal Communication Speech Oral Vocal Phone Voice Chat Written Word

  9. Types of Communication Intentional Communication Unintentional Communication Defensive Communication Supportive Communication http://coursesmart-link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/

  10. Types of Communication Communication promotes understanding Communication can build relationships, bridge gaps, and bring light to an otherwise dark situation.

  11. References ericberne.com. (2006). Brief Biography of Dr. Albert Mehrabian. Retrieved from http://www.ericberne.com/people/ albertmehrabian.htm communication. (2010). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from http://www.merriam- webster.com/dictionary/communication Tubbs, S. (2008). A systems approach to small group interaction (10th ed.). Retrieved from http://coursesmart- link.vitalsource.com/books/PBK0077284720/page/41,42 Types Of Communication This has been a presentation by Brace Huse BOM 3305.01 Organizational Communication from Lubbock Christian University.

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