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DiceTowerCon Site Redesign Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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DiceTowerCon Site Redesign Proposal

DiceTowerCon Site Redesign Proposal

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DiceTowerCon Site Redesign Proposal

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  1. DiceTowerCon Site Redesign Proposal

  2. Disclaimer • All of the site’s content, look, feel and functionality is currently concept only. Features in their current state are workable, but not fully implemented. • All of the pictures of the site are of a workable site. The site currently runs locally and can be uploaded to any server with little to no problems, as long as the server meets the minimum system requirements. • This proposal is not a package; due to the modularity of the site, any feature can be added or removed with no issue.

  3. Personal Site Requirements • Personal Requirements for Features I wanted to see in DTCon2014: • Better Feel • Less “Information Spew” • Online Browsable Library • Dynamic/Filterable Schedule • User-submitted Picture Section • Point of Sale System built into the site • Forums • Centralized Sharing Mechanisms

  4. New LookLogged Out Look Top Overlay Background switches between (currently) 4 panoramas. More Panos can be added easily. Shows what players can expect. Bigger Image, Warmer Color Login for Forums, and Receipt Retrieval Integrated Cart (Point of Sale) System Customizable and Expandable Menu System Reduces information spew Blog, with Automatic RSS Feed, and Share Buttons (not pictured) • Not pictured, but possible: • Rotating ads above menu system • Sharing/Like Buttons for FB, Twitter, G+ Look covers 1000px, easily condensable on a Smartphone.

  5. New LookAdministrator Look Search Function (also appears for non administrators), makes it easy for people to find information Content Addition requires ZERO HTML Experience

  6. Less “Information Spew”2013 Review • Information in too many places • Facebook • Meetup • Twitter • Yahoo! Group • Site • Email (Newsletter) • Difficult for players to track where information is • Too much information spew caused players to ignore what is really necessary

  7. Less “Information Spew”2014 Site Proposal • Sharing Mechanism built into pages • Information can be “virally shared” via Share buttons (Twitter, Facebook) • Information is centralized • No need to have a checklist for every submission • Metrics of sharing can be kept, allowing for reports on what information people are looking for. • Forums keeps everyone in the same place • Built-in “promotion to attendee” on the boards when a person purchases gives instant gratification.

  8. Library Current Checkout System Current Check In System Locate Game Card Verify Game Contents Return ID Write check in on card Put Game back in library • Locate Game • Get ID • Locate Game Card • Write checkout on card, attach ID • Give game

  9. Library – Current Problems Check Out Check In Metrics have to be done by hand Locating the ID, and making sure that the check in happens is a multi-step process, which can result in errors during high traffic locations • Librarians and Players need to browse hundreds of games just to find the box • Card system is inefficient, and causes hang ups during primetime. • Metrics have to be done by hand • Ambiguities between editions, and who owns the games can cause confusion, especially if >1 Owner puts a game in the library. • History is limited. If problems arise with the game (missing pieces), it can be difficult to annotate the items. • Players and Librarians have absolutely no idea if an item is checked out or not until they browse the cards or look through the extensive library • In order to browse the library, players must aggregate at the Library Table, which can run into problems when in conflict with other things (Raffle announcements).

  10. Library Module - Requirements Check Out Check In One-click checkin, but allow for annotations if the check-in was lost or damaged. Check ins translate to the site. Easy Check in/out metrics • Online browsable “check out” state. • Online browsable history, including annotations • Online browsable links for Smartphones • Search by Name for Library Item (AJAX: Instant Results) • Grid views for Library States for easy info updates • One-click checkout, only the player’s name needs to be added. • IDs put into numbered slots, making finding the IDs much easier.

  11. Library Module - Look SEARCH the Library! See check out status LIVE Click Game Name for more info

  12. Library Module – Check Out Interface Not Pictured: - Library History - One-Click Interface for checking in and out

  13. Library Module – Game Interface Users can find more information about the game before they check it out. Comments!

  14. Schedule - Current • Schedule currently causes a lot of information spew • Hard to search, and browse the information • Linking is difficult • Non-centralized place for “signups” on events • This page takes the longest to load • Adding and removing items requires direct html edit

  15. Dynamic Schedule Search by Game, or by Room Schedule automatically grouped by Room “At a glance” information on the contents of the room

  16. User Submitted Picture Section Gives users the ability to submit to the site; “I contributed!” Pictures are kept “unpublished” until cleared by an administrator. Administrators can create pictures into the library, bypassing the clearing requirements.

  17. Purchase SystemCurrent Setup • Purchase made, All tickets are exported to list for printing • Printed, brought to the convention in order • At the convention, people ask for last name/first name. • Registration desk can back up when there is a high volume of people coming in, clogging the door • Conflict with events occurring at registration desk (raffle) causes people to require to push in order to get inside • Besides tickets, items cannot be pre-purchased.

  18. Purchase SystemRequirements • Cart System: • Add tickets to cart • Add “swag” to cart • Add other items to cart • Check out in one check out • Print receipt • At convention, registration desk scans the ticket, reveals what they get, and items are given • Ability to add items to the cart at will • Ability to retrieve “receipt” at will • Forum integration: Updating with “DTCon Attendee” appended to name. • Using Wristbands over Necklaces: • Cheaper: Printing the same thing, rather than printing out 1000 grids, and cutting them up into 1/4s. • More Secure: Wristbands can be used. “necklace” tickets can be stolen easily. Wristbands are harder to replicate. • Faster: When someone has four tickets, you hand them four wristbands, rather than locating each person’s name. • Flexible: Using wristbands, you can use different colors for “single day” passes, which would (suggestion) work from 8am until 8am the next day, lowering the $$ barrier for entry.

  19. Purchase SystemProposed System • After purchase, a ticket is generated. This ticket has a QR Code. • When scanned, it just leads to a URL of the ticket. • Customer brings ticket to the front desk. • Front desk scans ticket. • Information: How many tickets, swag purchased, other items purchased • Front Desk can verify owner by looking at Photo ID. • One click: Ticket used. QR Code can no longer be used by anyone else. • Front desk hands swag to customer. QR Codes means that any smartphone or laptop that has logged into the site as a Front Desk Admin can see the ticket, verify its contents and validate the ticket. No special equipment required.

  20. Purchase SystemOptional Improvements • Vendor Tickets • Printable tickets, which can be given to Vendors • Allows for “cash only” purchases, removing the barrier for entry • Gives free visibility to Vendors, such as CoolStuff which support the Convention. • Provides the same abilities as purchasing the tickets on-site; user enters in code on the ticket, and it discounts 1 ticket by 100%. • Possible prizes for vendors

  21. Forums! • Great way to centralize information • Mix with share buttons, and information can be disseminated easily • Discussion in centralized place • Place for people to sign up and schedule games

  22. Centralized Sharing Mechanism • Share/Like Mechanics • Facebook • Twitter • Google+ • Others can provide a link to the information • Gives metrics on how much the information has been read.

  23. Timing/Workability • Base Site with Con Info • 16-24 hours of work (approx 2-4 weeks) • Includes Forums, without configuration • Includes User-submitted picture capability • Includes Scheduling Mechanisms, albeit without content • Requires work with Con Admins to verify the look, and provide feedback before published • Forums • 1-2 hours of work • Already integrated, but is a good intro to the admin interface for someone who wants to learn. Learn how to create menu items, and forums. • Point of Sale • 8-18 hours of work (approx 1-3 weeks) • High variable because I’ve already done it before, but it was 10 months ago when I set it up, so I have to remember the functionality • Training: Almost none! Its designed to be one-click.