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UNGS Building Site Proposal

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UNGS Building Site Proposal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNGS Building Site Proposal. By : Noah Gough Ima Hill Cliff Walker Sally Fields. We were asked to examine four mountain locations and decide which one would be the best for a new UNGS building.

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ungs building site proposal

UNGS Building Site Proposal

By :

Noah Gough

Ima Hill

Cliff Walker

Sally Fields

the task we faced
We were asked to examine four mountain locations and decide which one would be the best for a new UNGS building.

We studied each mountain, made our own predictions, wrote our own questions, ranked them by a list of criteria, compared and contrasted the results, and then selected the best site possible.

The Task We Faced
map of the mountains

St. Helens


Mauna Kea


Map of the Mountains

The four proposed mountain sites

the united nations location evaluation criteria
The building site elevation had to be over 5,000 feet.

Is the mountain getting taller by a few inches each year? If it is, will it damage the new building?

Are there any dangerous earthquakes? If it is a volcano, it must be extinct or dormant.

The site must be near a tectonic plate boundary.

It must be near an airport or other form of transportation for easy travel.

There must be enough space for a large building.

It must be a beautiful location.

The United Nations Location Evaluation Criteria
our essential questions
When scientists have time off of work, are there other things for them to do?

Can TV stations and radio stations be received at this location? (Music and news are both important.)

What is the crime rate for break-ins and entry, and theft? We would not want to have our new location burglarized.

Is the political situation stable?

Our Essential Questions
our proposed site
Our Proposed Site…

Mauna Kea in Hawaii

mauna kea is the best location for the following reasons
Mauna KeaIs the Best Location for the Following Reasons:
  • It is an extinct shield volcano, thus it is safe to build on. Because it’s extinct, there are no earthquakes.
  • It is 13,792 feet high. This makes it the tallest and most proud mountain in Hawaii.
  • It is not growing taller each year, since it is extinct. It was over a hot spot, but it isn’t anymore.
mauna kea is the best location for the following reasons8
Mauna Keais the Best Location for the Following Reasons:
  • Mauna Kea already has a volcano observatory there, so many scientists live nearby.
  • It is on the big island in Hawaii, near the Kona Airport. (See the Observatory Map.)
  • It has sports, travel, and restaurants nearby. It is politically stable (part of the US government), receives both TV and radio stations from all over Hawaii, and has a low crime rate.
more reasons why mauna kea is the best location
More ReasonsWhy Mauna Kea is the Best Location:
  • It is in the middle of the Pacific Tectonic Plate.
  • Nearest Airport: Kona Airport is just down the mountain.
  • Nearest major city: Kona
  • Beauty: Great weather, warm beaches, tropical paradise.
  • On the other islands, there are active volcanoes that are easy to study.
  • The Mauna Kea Volcano Observatory, also on the mountain, has important equipment already in place. We would not have to duplicate the equipment.
  • It last erupted over 3,600 years ago. This makes it extinct and safe.
mauna kea is a shield volcano
Mauna Kea is a Shield Volcano
  • Shield volcanoes have gently sloping sides, not steep sides.
  • They are usually found near hotspots, such as Hawaii.
  • They usually have thin basalt lava flows.
  • They don’t usually have explosive eruptions.
  • They often have cinder cones built on their sides because of “fire fountains” that have a lot of cinders.
  • Mauna Kea’s gently sloping sides make it a perfect location. It won’t be too steep.
rejected site 1
Rejected Site #1

Mount Everest

  • Location: Himalayan Mountains- China & Nepal
  • It is a fold mountain that is still growing each year.
  • It is the highest mountain in the world, it is 29,035 feet high.
  • It is in a remote location in the Himalayas.
clay animation
Clay Animation

A model of how a convergent tectonic zone made Mount Everest

reasons for rejecting everest
Reasons for Rejecting Everest
  • The closest safe building site is at Base Camp, which is at 17,700 feet. Most people would have a difficult time getting acclimated to it.
  • Mount Everest is still growing taller each year, thus it has strong earthquakes.
  • The nearest airport is many miles away in Kathmandu (4,500 feet). This means all gear must be packed in by yaks.
  • It is very cold most of the year. The heating bills would be high as the only electricity is provided by generators.
everest is a fold mountain
Everest is a Fold Mountain
  • Fold mountains can have very steep sides. Mount Everest is a very dangerous mountain because of this.
  • Fold mountains are found where plates are shoving the ground into folds.
  • It has rocky ledges, deep valleys, and high ridges.
  • The weather is quite dangerous because of the high elevation.
  • The Everest area is covered with garbage because it is so difficult for the mountain climbers to pack it out with them.
  • There are expensive taxes just to go to Everest.
  • Taking a helicopter just to Base Camp is dangerous. (Sir Edmund Hillary’s wife & daughter died in an accident.)
rejected site 2
Rejected Site #2

Mount Paricutin

  • Location: Near Mexico City, Mexico
  • Type of mountain: cinder cone volcano
  • In 1943, it started erupting in a farmer’s field and quickly grew into a mountain.
  • It is now a dormant volcano, but it could erupt again.
  • There are many severe earthquakes in the Mexico City area.
  • Crime is a problem in Mexico. The government is unstable and experiences . Television is not easily received.
reasons for rejecting paricutin
Reasons for Rejecting Paricutin

Mount Paricutin

  • Paricutin is near an earthquake zone.
  • Because it is a cinder cone, at 5,000 feet the ground is very unstable. It would be difficult to build on cinders.
  • It might erupt again, and this would be dangerous and expensive for the U.N.
  • Mexico City is very congested, and it is difficult to fly into and drive to Paricutin.
  • Paricutin is in a farming area, no big hotels or electrical plants are nearby.
paricutin is a cinder cone
Paricutin is a Cinder Cone
  • Cinder cones are made out of cinders and lava. They tend to be crumbly and not very stable for building.
  • Cinder cones often grow on the flanks of shield volcanoes and stratovolcanoes.
  • It has very steep sides because cinder cones tend to have “fire fountains” that spew ash straight into the air and down onto their sides.
rejected site 3
Rejected Site #3

Mount Saint Helens

  • Washington State, USA
  • It is a stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano.
  • It last erupted in 1980, erupting 5 times.
  • The eruptions were quite explosive and dangerous to the nearby communities.
  • Once it starts to rumble again, all the UNGS could do is abandon the building.
reasons for rejecting mt st helens
Reasons for Rejecting Mt. St. Helens
  • It had a horribly destructive eruption in 1980. A good portion of the side of the mountain blew away.
  • It is dormant, but not extinct. This means it could erupt again.
  • It has earthquakes because it is over a subduction zone.
  • There are few places to escape to if the volcano erupts again.
mt st helens is a stratovolcano
Mt. St. Helens is a Stratovolcano
  • Strato volcanoes tend to grow over subduction zones.
  • Strato volcanoes are also known as composite volcanoes. They are made by many alternating layers of ash and lava .
  • They tend to have very explosive eruptions.
  • Lahars, or mudflows, also tend to come with the eruptions.
  • The weather in winter is quite cold and inhospitable.
where s it going
Where’s it Going?
  • Everest
    • Rejected due to height, weather, remote location, tendency towards earthquakes and continued growth.
  • Mauna Kea
    • ACCEPTED due to great location, nearby airport, extinct status, nearby Volcano Observatory building, and beautiful location.
  • Paricutin
    • Rejected due to chance of eruption (dormant), chance of additional growth, cinder cone shape, difficulty in building, and history.
  • St. Helens
    • Rejected due to high chance of eruption (dormant) and growth, earthquakes, shape, poor winter weather, and history of destructive eruptions.
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