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Anger Management Techniques

Teenage is also the stage of developing self respect sense. Being able to control anger fosters that development with anger management techniques. And you carry that positivity for the rest of your life.

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Anger Management Techniques

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  1. Are You Angry ? www.valleyangermanagement.com

  2. WELL COME Valley Anger Management, Inc. www.valleyangermanagement.com Start Your Smiles With Our Coaching

  3. About Us www.valleyangermanagement.com

  4. Today’s Story News is not uncommon these days about the increasing rate of teenage crimes. Unfortunately, such young fellows are showing no signs of patience in handling tough situations. You can safely say that they have developed a habit of quick time anger, without even realizing its harming potential. Suitable anger management techniques specially designed for them can stop such ruining.

  5. What is Anger? • Anger is one emotional position that varies in power from mild irritation to intense anger, rage and hostility. If you go back in managing your behavior you will see anger. Like other emotions, it is accompanied by mental and biological changes; when we get angry, our heart rate, temperature and blood pressure go up, as do hormone levels. If we look at the hormone levels in our body we will find that hormones like adrenaline and noradrenalin are really high every time we fail to manage our anger, stress and communication.

  6. Facts About Anger There are many reasons for anger : • Sometimes life doesn′t turn out the way we want it to, and that can lead one to have feelings of fear, doubt, and stress. • When one is not treated fairly this can lead to assumptions, which can increase one′s anger levels. • When others betray our trust and hurt us, we get disappointed and sad. • Anger can arise when others disrespect us. • As growing children we were never taught any other way to get our message across, but using anger. • Etc !!!!!

  7. Facts About Anger • None of the examples are valid reasons for unsafe outburst of anger and rage. With tough new laws against assault and domestic violence in Los Angeles, the importance for taking responsibility for one′s own actions is inevitable. • The age of puberty invites a lot of teen age syndromes that are sometimes too tough to handle. Mood swings, increased attraction towards opposite sexes, curiosity to dare and try forbidden things are common teen age problems.

  8. WhyValley Anger Management • Anger is a large problem across the United States and the world. If you are one of the individuals that can relate to or have experienced: verbally or physically abusing close friends and/or family, workplace violence, road rage, and other acts of aggression then you will benefit from Valley Anger Management, Inc.'s program. Our On-Site classes are taught by certified anger management facilitators under the Anderson and Anderson model of Anger Management. Our online classes were created by licensed psychotherapists and certified anger management facilitators.  


  10. BEFORE YOU START • Introduction • Why Am I Here? • Why I Should Change • Do I Need This? • Breaking Down Anger Management • Managing Life Conflicts

  11. The Online Route to Learning Anger Management • In the In Class route to learning Anger Management our facilitators will go over all material with you in fine detail to make sure you have learned the key information needed to understand what anger truly is. Applying this valuable knowledge to your life will aid you in managing and eventually eliminating your aggressive behavior.

  12. Suggestions Still, even the best of anger management techniquesare sometimes futile. Don’t blame it psychologists. Rather, think about the troubled kid who is managing it all alone. You, as responsible parent, teacher, elder brother/sister or whoever, have to be patient enough to see results.

  13. Contact Us SHOHREH AZIMA (Associate. Board of Behavioral Science) s.azima@valleyangermanagement.com info@valleyangermanagement.com www.valleyangermanagement.com

  14. www.valleyangermanagement.com Thank You

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