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ANGER MANAGEMENT. Freedom from Anger Five Keys to Unlocking Your Anger Prison. Resource : Nichols, Dr. Ken. Freedom From Anger: Five Keys to Unlocking Your Anger Prison . A.L.I.V.E. Counseling Ministries, 2001. W – WANT – What do I want? D – DOING - What am I doing?

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Freedom from Anger

Five Keys to Unlocking Your Anger Prison

Resource : Nichols, Dr. Ken. Freedom From Anger: Five Keys to Unlocking Your Anger Prison. A.L.I.V.E. Counseling Ministries, 2001.

W – WANT –What do I want?
  • D – DOING -What am I doing?
  • E – EVALUATE- Is it helping/hurting?
  • P – PLAN –What else could I do?

Remember to… WDEP – every decision today!!!



Key #1

Fully acknowledge the destructive potential and painful RESULTS of out-of-control anger

Results of Anger

* Stranger Rage

* Family Rage

In your journal give two examples of each type of rage


Key #2

Fully acknowledge the reasons you get angry

Reasons for Anger:

Physical Fatigue


In your journal, give an example of what can happen when you are physically fatigued

Define “frustration” in your journal


Key #3

Recognize and fully acknowledge the various types of anger in your life

Recognizing Types of Anger:

Explain each of the four types of anger in your journal

  • Passive Anger
  • Powerful Anger
  • Purposeful Anger
  • Proper Anger

Key #4

Fully acknowledge the power to restrain anger in your life

Restraining Anger

  • Don’t bury it
  • Don’t deny it
  • Don’t vent it

In your journal list at least four ways to maintain SELF-CONTROL or restrain your anger


Key #5

Fully acknowledge how unresolved anger damages your relationships, and learn to resolve your anger

Resolving Anger

What are the two “F”s of resolving anger? Discuss the answer in your journal.

  • Don’t build walls
  • Don’t repay the offender
  • Don’t replay the offense

Break The Cycle!


1 Others You

2 You You

3 You Others

Only a conscious decision to forgive a hurt and to continue to forgive each time the hurt is remembered will break the ANGER CYCLE!