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Stopping Hair Loss for male pattern baldness PowerPoint Presentation
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Stopping Hair Loss for male pattern baldness

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Stopping Hair Loss for male pattern baldness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stopping Hair Loss for Male Pattern Baldness and Grow Your Hair Back with Proven Method !!

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stopping hair loss for male pattern baldness and grow your hair back with proven method
You must take action once you notice that your hair is losing, the earlier you treat your hair the better it is. I will give some explanation for the type of hair loss and product to treat it as well. I’m sure you will grow your hair back if you follow the guide here.

And please remember that you can buy all of the treatment product from market or online except for FINASTERIDE product, you need to have doctor’s prescription for it ! Please consult with hair specialist so that you can get the right finasteride product.

Stopping Hair Loss for male pattern baldnessand Grow Your Hair Back with Proven Method
Androgenetika Alopecia is spreading gradually and have irreversible effect and the baldness from this type of hair loss is permanent. Without appropriate and proper treatment, the concentration of DHT in the scalp will be increased and accumulated then eventually will kill the follicles. Here is the Norwood’s table showing the levels of baldness:

Norwood 1-2

It is a condition when hair loss began to occur. At this stage the production of DHT has begun to occur as a result of dysfunction of the DHT secretion.

Phase/hair growth cycle begin to become unstable as the result of increased levels of DHT concentrations. At this stage the treatment has to be done to reduce the DHT level so that the DHT in the body would be decreased and the body’s metabolic system could adapt to the secretion of DHT naturally.The success rate at this stage is 100%, because 100% of the follicle is still exist.

The therapy in this hair loss stage is using DHT inhibitor shampoo OR finasteride product. Please do the treatment for your hair as soon as possible while you are still in  Norwood 1-2 phase of hair loss , this is the best timing to treat Androgenetika Alopecia because it is still in the early phase and the follicles are still in excellent condition and is not experienced miniaturization yet, although DHT deposition has occurred. At this stage the probability of hair’s recovery is 100% with the treatment of hair loss shampoo OR minoxidil solution OR Finasteride product.

Shampoo to treat hair loss like revivogen, nizoral, (there is a lot of hair loss shampoo out there, revivogen and nizoral are just few of product that have been clinically proven well against hair loss ).

Alternatively you can just consume finasteride to STOP the hair loss. And since you are still in norwood 1-2 phase then there is no need to take minoxidil, unless you want to grow your hair back FAST.

norwood 3 4
Is a condition where the hair loss has begun to increase and the progress already started to spread rapidly towards male pattern baldness.

At this stage the phase/cycle of hair grow this begin to become stagnate or dormant. And DHT concentrations is starting to accelerate. At this stage of hair loss, combination therapy treatment needs to be done regularly over a period of 6-8 months for new hair to grow back to the normal state.

The recovery rate at this stage is still very high around 95% -100% the therapy should be done intensively and continuously.

Norwood 3-4, is a phase when you require better treatment by using a more complex combination of 3 different products of therapy. These combination of 3 product must be done regularly over a period of 6-8 months so that new hair will grow  to maximum hair thickness density. The success rate at this stage is still very high (95% -100%), provided  therapy should be done intensively and continuously.

You should take 3 combination of different treatment’s product to treat this hair loss. Revivogen/nizoral shampoo, minoxidil solution like rogaine foam, Kirkland and finally finasteride treatment like propecia / proscar/ finpecia. With this combination of treatment you will grow back your hair eventually.

Norwood 3-4
norwood 5
Is a hair loss condition which the hair loss is severe and almost lead to a full male pattern baldness. At this stage, the phase/cycle of hair growth is in the telogen phase or severe hair loss and a lot of follicles have vanished from the scalp.

In this phase of hair loss, you need to have a longer treatment to see the result and usually it takes around 18-24 months.Treatment for this type of hair loss is the combination treatment hair loss shampoo like revivogen/nizoral + minoxidil solution like kirkland/ rogaine foam + propecia like finpecia/proscar/propecia + natural treatment like saw palmetto extract and aloe vera extract + Laser Comb for hair loss .

How to use aloe vera for stopping hair loss?

Get 2 stem of aloe vera then wash and peel them, you must wash your hair before applying aloe vera gel, after that you can rub your scalp with aloe vera. After you finish then wrap your head with a cloth, just leave it like that and rinse your hair on the next day. Do this everyday for 3 months and you will see better result of your hair !

And don’t forget that you can add artificial fiber to your hair, make it thicker in density and fuller. And the good things about this artificial fiber is that it won’t wash out even if you rinse your hair with water. The only way to clean it is to wash it with shampoo, Toppik and couvre are just few of the product available out there to make your hair thicker. Longer duration of this treatment around  18-24 months. The success rate for this treatment is 80%-90%.

And please bear in mind that watching porn movie and masturbate often will increase the testosterone level in your body, and the result is more DHT, more DHT means more hair loss. So please don’t watch porn movie too often, and don’t masturbate too often as well to prevent the male baldness pattern.

Norwood 5
Norwood 6-7

It is too late to recover your hair at norwood 6-7 stage. The only way to recover your hair at this stage of hair loss is with hair transplant. Regular hair treatment with minoxidil, finasteride, hair loss shampoo, laser com, saw palmetto will not do any good. So if you are at this stage of hair loss then please go to consult your hair’s problem with hair transplant specialist


Some picture of the hair loss product like Revivogen shampoo, nizoral shampoo, Finasteride product like propecia, proscar, finpecia, MINOXIDIL product like rogaine foam for man and women, kirkland minoxidil. Hair artificial Fiber like toppik and Couvre and Laser Comb + Saw Palmetto.Remember what I told you before, FINASTERIDE needs doctor’s prescription!