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Presentation Introduction

My tutorials on Powerpoint starts here

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Presentation Introduction

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  1. Introducing Free PowerPoint Lessons Animations Ideas Styles Transitions Options Effects Techniques Illustrations Themes Multimedia Welcome to PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial Series

  2. Downloaded ideas and tips, converted to simple lessons … 5 4 3 2 1 Welcome for you to learn and enjoy!

  3. Your BIGGEST challenge

  4. To win over the audience

  5. Getting the message across P

  6. Keeping everyone’s attention

  7. Getting the response that you wanted

  8. You need a great presentation Picturesin PowerPoint Pictures are worth a thousand words

  9. Great graphics, images and animations

  10. That jump from the screen!

  11. Effects to die for…

  12. www.ellenfinkelstein.com www.crystalxp.net/ www.presentationhelper.co.uk www.pptbackgrounds.fsnet.co.uk www.ellenfinkelstein.com http://pptheaven.mvps.org/index.html www.tutorialhero.com www.soniacoleman.com www.tutorialized.com/ www.freepowerpointpages.com www.brainybetty.com/ www.pixel2life.com www.projectwoman.com/ www.crystalgraphics.com www.freepowerpointpages.com www.powerpointguys.com www.pptworkbench.com www.indezine.com www.pptalchemy.co.uk www.presentationhelper.co.uk www.inspiredpiece.com/ www.guidesandtutorials.com/ http://presentationsoft.about.com/www.microsoft.com/ www.internet4classrooms.com/ www.pppst.com/ www.123ppt.com/ www.poweredtemplates.com/ http://basic-free-tutorials.blogspot.com http://advancedpowerpoint.blogspot.com/ Some of the sites visited:

  13. Thank you for watching this introduction These ideas and tips are free to use! Each of the following lessons use a different tip or effect Enjoy! Creator: Frans Kruger The End http://outoppie-presentations.blogspot.com www.encryptologic.co.za

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