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Spinal Fusion Decompression in India at Delhi & Mumbai at af PowerPoint Presentation
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Spinal Fusion Decompression in India at Delhi & Mumbai at af

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Spinal Fusion Decompression in India at Delhi & Mumbai at af - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spinal Fusion Decompression Overview

Spinal fusion and decompressionA spinal fusion is simply the uniting of two bony segments, whether a fracture or a vertebral joint. The reason for instrumentation with rods and screws is to act as and 'internal cast' to stabilize the vertebra until the fusion, or bony re-growth, can occur.Why is it done ?Historically spinal fusions have been used to correct degenerative spondylolisthesis. However, there are many indications for a spinal fusion and it is not the only procedure preformed to treat those various conditions. You should talk to your doctor about what procedure is best for you.


Bone is RemovedWhen indicated, soft tissue and bony decompression are performed to relieve neurological compression.Screw PlacementFor a degenerative spondylolisthesis case, a blunt probe is inserted through the pedicle and into the vertebral body. Once the pedicle canals are prepared and the screw length determined, the screws are sequentially inserted.Bone GraftThe facet joint capsules are removed and cancellous bone graft is placed into each facet joint. The transverse processes, sacral alae, and the lateral walls of the facet joints are decorticated with high-speed burs and curettes. Corticocancellous bone graft taken from the iliac crest, along with any fragments of bone taken during decompression are firmly pressed into the bone fusion bed.


CompressionOnce the construct has been assembled, segmental distraction and compression may be carved out.TighteningThen a final tightening is performed.

Closing the Incision

The incision is closed in the traditional fashion.


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