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Credibility Marketing

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Credibility Marketing. Boston University February 2012. Why do we Promote Ourselves?. To build credibility and sell business. Can you sell well?. Selling is much easier if you can get clients to call you. HVS Sells through Credibility Marketing.

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credibility marketing
Credibility Marketing

Boston University

February 2012

why do we promote ourselves
Why do we Promote Ourselves?

To build credibility and sell business

can you sell well
Can you sell well?

Selling is much easier if you can get clients to call you

hvs sells through credibility marketing
HVS Sells through Credibility Marketing
  • Producing authoritative articles or publications
  • Organizing and speaking at conferences and seminars legitimizes you
  • Writing books
why credibility marketing
Why Credibility Marketing?
  • Steve Rushmore founded the company on the Credibility Marketing principle by writing “the book” on how to appraise hotels
    • He lectured around the country and taught thousands of people his methodology
    • People called him for assignments because they saw him demonstrate his knowledge in either his book, magazine column or lectures
  • People do business with people they perceive as being credible
    • Selling is much easier once people realize your credible
  • Improves public relations
writing articles provide readers with useful information that will assist in their endeavors
Writing Articles Provide Readers with Useful Information that will Assist in their Endeavors
  • No other hospitality consulting firm publishes more articles or attracts more readers
    • Our contact database is the largest in the industry
    • Keeps HVS constantly in the minds of most industry players
  • Our articles provide an HVS perspective on subjects in which our potential clients have something invested
  • The more that clients see the HVS name associated with relevant and accurate information and analysis, the more they’ll feel secure in engaging our talents
credibility marketing article writing
Credibility Marketing – Article Writing
  • Everyone at HVS can write articles for the weekly publication to promote themselves, their service, and the company
  • Associates are encouraged to write articles in order to be promoted
  • All articles are published on our web site and promoted on our weekly Global Hospitality Report email
    • As of January 2012, over 100,000 recipients
    • It’s common for articles to be syndicated in other publications
  • Articles are crawled and republished onto other web sites
  • Associates love the exposure and the recognition from industry professionals
  • Talk to your Managing Director if you can’t think of any ideas for an article
consider some aspect of the industry that intrigues you
Consider Some Aspect of the Industry that Intrigues You

Demonstrate how a technology, trend, attraction, etc. can come to bear on the lodging industry, with specific examples from one or more markets.

  • “The Evolution of Space Tourism from Novelty to Opportunity”
  • “The Power Of The Per-diem Rate”
  • “The Need for More Branded Hotels in Panama City Beach, Florida”
market specific knowledge
Market Specific Knowledge

Leverage your market experience from a recent assignment to demonstrate your local knowledge.

  • “TIANJIN: The Gateway for North China”
  • “Economic Cycles Affect the Differentials between Top Caribbean Lodging Facilities”
  • “Hotel Rooms Remain In Short Supply Throughout Wyoming’s Energy Corridors”
  • “HVS Market Intelligence Report: Asheville, North Carolina”
  • “New Orleans - Going up or Going down?”
open your article with
Open Your Article With:
  • Ask a ?
  • Share an Anecdote – humanize it
  • Paint a Picture (“imagine yourself”)
  • Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Smile
  • Site a Shocking Statistic
  • Embrace a list
what is the t itle of your article
What is the title of your Article?

Write a zippy lead

Conduct a survey or poll

Get great art to compliment the story, even free stock photos

Write conversationally

credibility marketing conferences seminars
Credibility Marketing – Conferences & Seminars
  • HVS Organizes several conferences throughout the world
    • India
    • South America
    • China
    • Mexico
    • Bahamas
  • Benefits
    • Many speaking opportunities for HVS
    • Builds relationship with industry
    • Profitable
    • Limits exposure to competition


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