Retrieving so 2 from tovs data
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Retrieving SO 2 from TOVS data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Retrieving SO 2 from TOVS data. Laboratory study Dr Fred Prata. Lab Study

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Retrieving so 2 from tovs data

Retrieving SO2 from TOVS data

Laboratory study

Dr Fred Prata

CONAE Workshop, Argentina

Lab Study

In this study you will read in a HIRS (TOVS) data file and process the data to produce a map of SO2 column amounts. You will be able to vary the mapping parameters and see how the software works. The study concentrates on the Cerro Negra eruption on the Galapagos islands in November 1979. There are also pre-processed SO2 retrievals (.SO2 file extension) for Pinatubo (D267), for Hudson (D220), for Hekla (D230, D232) and for Reventador (D307). These can be read in and mapped. Brightness temperatures for other channels 6.7, 7.3, 11 and 9.6 µm can also be mapped.

Refer to the accompanying Swatch document (pdf file) for more details.

CONAE Workshop, Argentina

Cerro Negra Eruption Nov 1979

Read data

Driver: Galapagos.drv_01

File: HIRS.N05.Y79.D317.AS

Cloud height: 8 km

Process data

Plotting exercise

Repeat for Day 318

CONAE Workshop, Argentina

Basic Instructions

(Refer to the Swatch PDF document in this folder)

  • Start IDL

  • At the command prompt type: @hirs_start_up.bat

  • Select Driver file from the Menu

  • (use Galapagos.drv_01)

  • Select HIRS data file to read

  • (use HIRS.N05.Y79.D317.AS)

  • Update parameters

  • Process

  • Quicklook

CONAE Workshop, Argentina

Read an Output file

(data previously processed)

File: HIRS.N11.Y91.D167.SO2

Plotting exercise

Use different channels and use “Display Parameter”

CONAE Workshop, Argentina

  • Change parameters and re-plot

  • (time, geographical coords)

  • Use Display Parameter

  • (select a channel to display)

  • Read in a 2nd file and re-peat

  • (use HIRS.N05.Y79.D318.AS)

  • Read Output File

  • (select .SO2 files - these are already processed so there is no need to Process)

CONAE Workshop, Argentina