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Competency 1

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Competency 1. Memory Aid and Procedure. Content of competency1. In a competency 1 test, you’ll find: An information booklet An answer booklet in which you’ll write your calculations and your report (conclusion of your calculations). The procedure before solving.

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competency 1

Competency 1

Memory Aid



content of competency1
Content of competency1

In a competency 1 test, you’ll find:

  • An information booklet
  • An answer booklet in which you’ll write your calculations and your report (conclusion of your calculations)
the procedure before solving
The procedure before solving
  • Before you solve a comptency 1, it is

important to well prepare yourself.

**Agood preparation will make your solving much more simple, fast et clear. **

  • Here’s 4 reading strategies (see next slide) that can help you in understanding the situation and to better prepare the solution.
readin strategies
Readin strategies

These strategies are:

  • Overview of the situation: (In order to know what is beng discussed)

Read the titles/sub-titles, look at the images, the boxes, the tables.

  • Identify the objective (Goal) of the task: (What am I being asked to do)

Generally, the objective can be in bold character, underlined, placed in a box, etc.

  • Reading/re-reading

Read the text attentivelyto identify the information that seems important for solving this situation.

  • Highlighting/annotation:

Now, that you know the objective of this task, that you hvae attentively reda the text, take out the informations necessaryto the solution by highlighting and/or annotating the text.

elaborating a plan of work
Elaborating a plan of work

When you are solving a competency 1, organizing your thought process is VERY IMPORTANT in order to be better understood by the reader/corrector.

In your answer booklet, you’ll find, generally,

A spot where you can produce your plan for the solution.

  • If there isn’t any, I stronglyrecommend producing a plan on a paper and including it in your answer booklet.

(See next slide.)

example of a plan
Example of a plan

Here you have to write the goal of this situation

The important information necessary for solving (underlined)

Here, you’ll write the title of all steps that permit you to solve this task.

1- Step 1…

2- Step 2…

  • Now, that you have structured your thought process and that you know exactly what to do to solve this competency 1 task;


***Don’t forget to identify each step of the solution in a matter that the reader/corrector are able to follow your train of thought to solving this situation.

final report
Final report
  • Generally, at the end of eachcompetency 1 task,

you have to produce a short reportindicating:

  • The resultsof your solution *


  • The reasonsthatjustifyyourchoice


* It might be useful to use visual tools like graphs or tables when you show your results.

** When you describe the reasons that justify your choice of answer, you can also state some recommendations in a manner that another choice of answer may be possible/acceptable.