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B EN Q’s Deal of the century? PowerPoint Presentation
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B EN Q’s Deal of the century?

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B EN Q’s Deal of the century? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BENQ’S DEAL OF THE CENTURY?. B EN Q’s Deal of the century? . International Marketing STUST . FOCUS NANTAI. 1. INTRODUCTION. B EN Q is a Taiwanese firm . It is a consumer-electronics maker. The company’s core products include: -Flat screen TV sets. -Notebooks. -PC monitors.

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1 introduction
  • BENQ is a Taiwanese firm. It is a consumer-electronics maker.
  • The company’s core products include:

-Flat screen TV sets.


-PC monitors.

-MP3 players.

-Mobile phones.

-Other consumer electronics gadgets.

  • The meaning of BENQ is “Bringing Enjoyment & Quality to life”.
  • BENQ worth $5.5 billion.
1 introduction1
  • 37% of BENQ’s sales carry the BENQ brand name.
  • In 2002, BENQ represents 9% of market share in global handsetsales.
  • BENQ is the world’s 4th largest cellular-phone maker By acquiring the ailing handset division of Siemens AG (German conglomerate):

-The rights to the Siemens trademark for 18months.

-Co-branding rights for 5 years.

-It also gain access to Siemens intellectual property.

-Transfer of technology.

-Gain new market/prospect/outlet Access to Siemens customer base in Europe & Latin America.

  • Siemens agreed to buy 50 million euros of BENS stock.
1 introduction2
  • Limits: BENQ has a little brand name recognition in Europe & in the US.
  • Solutions: combine BENQ & Siemens share market!
  • Siemens has a brand equity:

 The value of having a well-known brand name, so can generate more money from products with that brand name than from products with a less well known name.

  • Siemens has also a brand heritage/legacy:

 an asset in building long term brand reputation.

  • One of the core competencies of Siemens is BRANDING!
  • BenQ-Siemens is positioning its products as a “new stylish metallic slider for successful young people” based on one’s life & irresistible aspiration to achieve success.
1 introduction3
  • Competitors & market leader 60% of the worldwide handset market:







  • Other industry leaders:






3 questions6
  • Service-based branding  should focus on improving customers satisfaction in service centers.
  • Faster service turnaround time than industry average with world class quality.
  • To keep on globalizing its operations with focus on China.
  • To keep on developing the profitable business of hospital (Nanking & Suzhou).
  • BenQhave well-established consumer electronics & can build on that expertise.
  • The best way to leverage BenQ’s existing competitive quality is branding, continue promoting BenQ globally.
  • Additional resources should be deployed on the expansion into China & developing countries (BRIC) leveraging on subsidiaries competitive advantages.
  • Develop Brand name recognition in Europe & in the USA.