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nothing but the truth by avi n.
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Nothing But the Truth By Avi PowerPoint Presentation
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Nothing But the Truth By Avi

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Nothing But the Truth By Avi
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Nothing But the Truth By Avi

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  1. Nothing But the TruthBy Avi Introduction-Chapter 7 Study Guide

  2. 1. What two questions open up this novel? Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Does anyone ever say no?

  3. 2. What is the name of Philip’s school? What grade is he in? Philip went to Harrison High School. Philip was in the 9th grade.

  4. 3. Who is Miss Narwin, and how does Philip feel about her? Miss Narwin is Philip’s English teacher. He said she was so uptight that she could have been put together with super glue.

  5. 4. How did Miss Narwin describe Philip and what was her opinion of him? Miss Narwin said that Philip was an intelligent boy, but he lacked ambition. She likes him.

  6. 5. Did Philip take his English exam seriously, and what grade did he receive on it? No, Philip did not take the exam seriously. He received a C-.

  7. 6. What did Dr. Seymour say the consequences would be if the budget vote failed for a second time? Dr. Seymour said there would be major problems in programs and personnel which means that programs and personnel would have to be cut.

  8. 7. How did Philip’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Lunser, behave during the morning announcements? Mr. Lunser talked and made jokes during the announcements and the national anthem. He has a dry sense of humor; sarcastic.

  9. 8. How much did the seminar Miss Narwin wanted to attend cost? The cost of the seminar was $2,000.00.

  10. 9. Why was Miss Narwin requesting a grant-in-aid from the school? Miss Narwin wanted to attend a two-week summer seminar on new ways to teach literature.

  11. 10. What three topics did Dr. Seymour cover in the memo to his colleagues dated March 21? • He wrote to: • 1. inform his colleagues of the upcoming budget and board of education elections, • 2. encourage them to talk to voters, • 3. and to warn them to bring any controversial matters to his attention. • Why do you think #3 would be important?

  12. 11. While talking to Allison Doresett on the telephone, Philip said he lost his copy of Call of the Wild. What did he say happened to it? Philip said a dog ran away with it and buried it.

  13. 12. To which homeroom was Philip reassigned? Philip was reassigned to Miss Narwin’s homeroom.

  14. 13. How did Miss Narwin describe the “students of today” to her sister, Anita? Miss Narwin felt that the students came to “literature reluctantly”; they were independent which she admired, but they also only cared about things that concerned themselves.

  15. 14. How long has Miss Narwin been teaching? Miss Narwin has been teaching twenty-one years.

  16. 15. In the letter to her sister Anita, how did Miss Narwin say she felt about teaching? Teaching is like a religion to her (simile!!). Teaching is her life. Without her students, she would be lost.

  17. 16. What was Philip’s dream for his future in sports? Philip’s dream was to run track in the Olympics.

  18. 17. What was Philip’s term grade for English? Philip received a D in English.

  19. 18. According to the memo outlining the format for the morning announcements, how should students stand during the playing of the national anthem? Students should stand at respectful, silent attention during the national anthem. *VERY IMPORTANT*