nothing but the truth n.
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Nothing But the Truth PowerPoint Presentation
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Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But the Truth

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Nothing But the Truth

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  1. Nothing But the Truth Review

  2. Describe Philip Malloy. • He is very bright, but he is lazy in school. He likes to make funny remarks in class. His main interest is running and being on the track team.

  3. Why isn’t Philip doing well in miss Narwin’s class? • He doesn’t do his work and he makes smart remarks in class to annoy her.

  4. How does Miss Narwin feel about Philip? • She thinks that he is very bright but unmotivated. She doesn’t want him to be suspended.

  5. Why is Philip suspended? • He is humming “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Miss Narwin’s homeroom and won’t stop when she asks him to.

  6. Why can’t Philip try out for the track team? • He has a low grade in Miss Narwin’s class.

  7. How does the story of Philip’s suspension get into the news? • His father talks to a neighbor who has a reporter at his home doing an interview for the school board elections.

  8. How do the upcoming elections and school politics play a part in Philip’s case? • School officials don’t want any bad publicity for the schools because they want the budget vote to pass in order to avoid layoffs.

  9. How does Ted Griffen use Philip’s story in his campaign for the school board? • He capitalizes on the publicity to draw attention to himself.

  10. What kind of teacher is Miss Narwin? How do you know? • She is an excellent teacher who cares about her students. Her students do well on national tests, her principal thinks she is one of the best teachers at the school, and she wants her students to do well. All of the other students like her and think what Philip did was wrong.

  11. How is Miss Narwin portrayed by the national media? • She is portrayed as un-American and as a bad teacher.

  12. What happens at the end of the story? • The budget referendum is defeated, Miss Narwin resigns, and Philip transfers to a private school.

  13. What is ironic about the title of the book? • Very few of the characters tell the truth. There is a great deal of evasion, rumor, and misinformation.

  14. From what point of view is the story told? • It is told in first person from the point of view of several different characters. This makes it harder to tell who is telling the truth.

  15. List at least three of the types of writing used to tell the story. • Memos, newspaper stories, letters, dialogue, diary entries