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Main Task: Initial Ideas. PowerPoint Presentation
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Main Task: Initial Ideas.

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Main Task: Initial Ideas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Main Task: Initial Ideas.
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  1. Main Task: Initial Ideas. • Ellen Brooking

  2. Aim & Purpose. - The aim and purpose of presenting my initial ideas is to the class so that they can help me decide which genre of music I wish to base my magazine on. - I also aim to create a magazine that reflects the mood of the target audience allowing the magazine to connect and resemble the target audience.

  3. Idea One: Popular Music/Culture Audience: 13-25 years old females which attend college/school and have a low income i.e. part time work or pocket money. House Style: Bright colours to represent the fun side and the tempo of the music as well as interesting and colourful fonts creating an informal and fun style to the magazine allowing it to suit the audience it is aimed at. The magazine will have a busy and bold layout and will contain multiple tagline which will cover the majority of the front cover it will also have a female on the front as this reflects the target audience and they may also be an idol or good influence on the audience. Features: The magazine may contain gossip about and around the industry as well as having interviews with the cover stars and album/singles reviews. Images to include: A single women on the front with surrounding images of other groups and singers that come under the Pop music genre. A photo shoot may take place to reflect the cover artist as well to highlight the artist.

  4. Idea Two: Alternative/Mainstream Rock. Audience: 16+ years old, both genders mainly male, more intelligently educated with a medium income with quite a good job. House Style: I want my magazine to have a strict colour scheme which will be reflected in the way that the written word which is not colloquial and has a certain intellectual standard. The layout will be organised and clear which will reflect in the way that the magazine is written and presented. It will feature some coverlines either side of the main image. Features: Interviews, live reviews, album/single reviews, up coming concerts and gigs, history of bands (facts). Images to include: Front cover image will be an individual of a male which is large in the industry of an edgy women who may have sex appeal. The content page may feature images of band and artists that will be included further on in the magazine

  5. Idea Three: Folk. Audience: 40+ mainly male with a family and a sufficient job with a reasonable salary, they enjoy music and have always had a passion for it. They would have a reasonable level of intelligence as the magazine wording would be quite mature. House Style: I feel the cover would be mainly taken up by the image of the artist, I would create the magazine with a clear colour scheme using blue and greens to create a calm film like the music does. I would have a sophisticatedly written magazine. Features to include: Interviews, album reviews and upcoming gigs, up and coming artists and music news. Images to include: The front cover will have an individual on the front which will fit the the clearness of the cover, I will also have images within the contents page reflecting the bands further in the magazine.

  6. Peer Feedback. Zac: I prefer the Folk magazine idea as it may enter in to a niche market which will allow my magazine to have little competition. Rhiannon: I chose alternative rock as I think their is a gap in the market for a Alternative/Mainstream magazine aimed at women. Emma: I chose Alternative/Mainstream Rock as it interests me and it has a more extensive catalogue of ideas and work.

  7. Final Decision. I’ve chose to do a Folk magazine as it allows me to create a magazine within a niche market it also allows me to experiment with different styles and colouring. Taking my feedback into consideration I have decided to follow on with the idea of doing a folk magazine.