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Author: Ernest Hemingway

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A Farewell to Arms. Author: Ernest Hemingway. Tone. Hemingway’s tone of being scared or nervous is the same tone toward war as that of the narrator, Frederic Henry.

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author ernest hemingway
A Farewell to Arms

Author: Ernest Hemingway

  • Hemingway’s tone of being scared or nervous is the same tone toward war as that of the narrator, Frederic Henry.
  • The tone throughout the story is based on the horrors of war that Henry goes through after being wounded, and then worrying about death after he falls in love with Catherine Barkley.
  • Hemingway uses imagery in the novel to prepare the reader for upcoming events.
  • The mountains and the plains are two main symbols very important to the novel that Hemingway describes very vividly.
  • He also uses imagery multiple times when describing specific battles he witnessed as well as the two soldiers he saw wounded.
  • Told in an active voice and in 1st person point of view (Frederic Henry)
  • Without even researching the novel, it was clear by the way Henry spoke in the novel, that Hemingway had previous war experience.
  • Irony is the main theme of A Farewell to Arms.
  • Love and War are two very opposite topics, yet the book is based on World War I, and the relationship instilled between a ambulance driver and a nurse.
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The Sun Also Rises

Author: Ernest Hemingway

  • The two main tones Hemingway uses in this novel are somber and detached.
  • American’s were disillusioned by the aftermath of WWI which explained the somber tone.
  • The narrator was a veteran of WWI and had a detached tone for most of the novel because of the horrors he dealt with in the war.
  • Imagery is used frequently throughout the novel when Jake Barnes is describing the multiple bullfights that take place.
  • Imagery is also used when he describes the “Big Two-Hearted River” in which a soldier named Nick was wounded.
  • The entire novel is told in first person point of view by the narrator, Jake Barnes.
  • Jakes voice throughout the novel is somewhat depressing and never really upbeat because of his war experience.
  • The main themes of this book are war and love, yet there are no love scenes nor scenes of battle whatsoever.
  • Another example of irony is that although they want to be together, Jake cannot be with Lady Brett Ashley because he was castrated in the war. This makes him unable to even really get near her.