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  1. By WILSON RAWLS By WILSON RAWLS Created by Alford, Chenault (Bussey)

  2. Published in 1961

  3. Author Wilson Rawls grew up in the Ozarks during the Great Depression, and spent his childhood much like the protagonist, Billy Colman.

  4. About the Author • Born Woodrow Wilson Rawls in 1913 • Grew up in Scraper & Tahlequah, OK • Did not attend school regularly • He loved reading, especially Jack London’s The Call of the Wild. He read it to his dogs. • At age 10 he wrote a powerful boy and dog story of his own, in the sand

  5. About the Author (part 2) • He grew up in a poor family, & had little formal education • His father told him he could do anything. • Rawls lived during the Great Depression (1929), which was a time of great poverty. He took any job he could find. • 1961: published Where the Red Fern Grows • Died in 1984

  6. Pictures from the Great Depression • Jobs were scarce. Poverty hit the middle class. • People were losing everything, including their homes. • Americans had hard times for over ten years.

  7. Bread lines in New York City (1935) Bread lines stretched for blocks.

  8. Children of rehabilitation clinic in Arkansas (Circa 1935)

  9. Migrant family looking for work in the pea fields of California. (Circa 1935)

  10. A Hooverville in Central Park.

  11. WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS • Takes place during the 1920s in the Ozarks of Oklahoma • Tells story of Billy Colman and his two red-bone hounds, Old Dan & Little Ann.

  12. Where the Red Fern Grows • At the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to the adult Billy Colman. A dogfight stirs memories of when Billy was a child who wanted nothing more than a redbone hound. • The story is told in FLASHBACK– recalling events from the past

  13. Chapter I – Grown-up Billy rescues a redbone hound from a dogfight.

  14. Chapter I -Bill sits back in his chair by the fireplace, looking at the silver and gold cups on the mantle.FLASHBACK!


  16. Billy’s family is poor, and lives on a farm in the Ozarks, on Cherokee land. Billy’s dad works the land with a mule.

  17. SETTING: The Illinois River, Oklahoma, in the Ozarks

  18. Two ads for the MAXWELL car

  19. Chapter III Billy’s parents give him 3 small steel traps to satisfy his desire to hunt.

  20. Leafy autumn trail through the heavily wooded Ozarks.

  21. Chapter III Billy saves his money for two years in an old KC Baking Powder can.

  22. A redbone hound looks like…

  23. MAP of OKLAHOMA TAHLEQUAH Billy lives in the hills about 20 miles from Tahlequah.

  24. Chapter VBilly leaves home without telling anyone to pick up his pups at the depot in Tahlequah. He carries them in a gunny sack.

  25. Chapter V In Robber’s Cave, Billy and the pups are startled by the scream of a mountain lion.

  26. a BRACE and BITis used to drill holes BIT BRACE

  27. Illinois River with fallen tree. Billy hunts in places like this.

  28. Illinois River, in the Ozarks

  29. Chapter VII - Billy traps a coon using Grandpa’s trap

  30. CHAPTER VIII in the big tree. Billy vows to do the rest. Dan and Ann tree their first coon

  31. Chapter IX -Grandpa teaches Billy to use a scarecrow to keep the coon in the big tree.

  32. Chapter X – With his first hide, mama makes Billy a coonskin cap.

  33. Chapter X Grandpa tells Billy that the price of raccoon hides has gone up, due to the popularity of coonskin coats.

  34. A New Englandman wearing a coonskin coat.

  35. Billy trains Dan and Ann to hunt racoons in the rugged, flinty hills.

  36. Old Dan somehow gets himself stuck under the river bank in the den of a MUSKRAT - Chapter X -

  37. Ch. XOld Dan follows a racoon up a hollow tree. Billy is afraid that he might jump out.

  38. Billy climbs the tree and sees the Ghost Coon, but refuses to kill it. Chapter XIII

  39. Chapter XIII – Rubin Pritchard grabs Billy’s double-bitted axe, intending to save Old Blue from Dan and Ann. DOUBLE-BITTED AXE

  40. Chapter XIIIBilly sneaks out to the Pritchard’s home, places flowers on Rubin’s grave.

  41. Billy’s first cup of coffee makes him feel like a man. Chapter XV – Billy, Papa, and Grandpa set out in the buggy for the championship campsite.

  42. Chapter XVOne night, while camped on the way to the competition, Billy wonders if he hears two screech owls, a sign of bad luck.

  43. At the championship, Billy sees BLACK AND TAN HOUNDS…




  47. & REDBONE “coon” HOUNDS.

  48. Chapter XVI - Billy draws the fourth night of the tournament. Raccoons versus Billy’s hounds

  49. CHAPTER XVII Grandpa twists his ankle in the woods, and gets lost from the group. Old Dan and Little Ann also get separated during the storm.

  50. “They looked like white ghosts….They’re frozen solid. They’re nothing but white ice from the tips of their noses to the ends of their tails.” Chapter XVIII