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We conduct health awareness program for companies, office, and corporates. Call us 9699321205 or visit for detail. We are happy to answer your questions. Feel free to call us...

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Erogonomic & safety Awareness

Dr.Parthiban, Physiotherapist

Aayushman Pain and Rehabilitaion clinic

Navi Mumbai.

Call: 9699321205

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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What is Ergonomics?Ergonomic is derived from two Greek wordsErgon means work Nomoi means Natural LawsErgonomic means the science of workErgonomics is not a new science, although the term has become more common now. The phrase was first coined in 1857.

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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  • Ergonomic includes-

  • Anatomy/ Physiology

  • Psychology

  • Yoga

  • Diet

  • Home Science

  • Industrial Design

  • Product Design

  • Occupational Health

  • Industrial Safety

  • Engineering

  • Its is a Multi disciplinary science

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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  • Consequences of Poor work station-

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

  • Computer Related Injury (CRI)

  • Musculo Skeletal Disorder (MSD)

  • Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTA)

  • Overuse Syndrome

  • Activity Related Pain syndrome

  • Injuries/ Accidents

  • Occupational Hazards

  • Stress

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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  • Statistics & Current situation in Industries-

  • 75% report MSD related to work

  • 55% got injured with a year of starting their first job

  • $9 Billion total injury cost / year

  • $29K/ case compensation claim cost

  • Injured workers can became unemployed and un employable

  • Statistics about other chronic illness life style disorder in the Indian industries is equally alarming

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Ergonomic Intervention Programme-


Prevent work related injuries and illness like MSD, RSI.

Proactive approach in Protecting workers from prolonged exposure to ergonomic risk factor.

Addressing personal risk factors like Posture, Body awareness, Poor physical condition

Develop workers physically and mentally stable

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phases of Ergonomics Programmes-

Phase 1 (for all)

Fundamental of Human body/ Biomechanics

Basic awareness about ergonomics

Visual ergonomics

Educate about health, personal hygiene and oral hygiene

Influence of MSD in Medical, Social and Economic

Predisposing risk factor of Health

Individual Physical and Medical Examination

Early warning sign of health hazards, when to seek medical help

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phase 2 (for sedentary workers)

Define and Explain work related Health problems

Health issues cause by Sedentary life style

Sign and Symptoms of illness and injury

Treatment and follow up

Prevention and Practical strategies to implement Ergonomic solutions

Balanced computing posture ( With Demo)

Chair and work station adjustment (With Demo)

Exercise Instruction for stretching and warm up

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phase 3 ( For Sedentary workers)

Role of Employee

Stages and symptoms of Stress

Implications of prolonged exposure to stress

Stress Management by Yoga and Meditation

Basic Stress Relieving stretching and postures

Relaxation Technique

Diet and Balanced Nutrition

Current concept and research findings in Ergonomics

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phase 4 (for heavy worker)

Define and Explain work related health problems

Teaching signs and symptoms of illness and injury

Treatment and Follow up

Educate risk factor includes Repetition, Awkward posture, Excessive force, Vibration, Compression

Proper Lifting and handling techniques of tools

Balancing working posture

Proper and safety work Station

Risk areas and common errors

Environmental factors

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phase 5 ( Heavy workers)

Structure of Spine and upper Limb –Anatomy

Body Awareness

Strengthening exercises , Stretching's and warm up

Stages and Symptoms of Stress

Stress Management by Yoga and Meditation

Exercise and Physical Fitness Program

Balance Diet and Nutrition

Doing the job the best way possible

Visual Ergonomics.

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Phase 6( Work Station Evaluation)

Work Station Evaluation with help of video recording

Evaluate the work station Checklist and anthropometric measurement

Detail study of the nature of work, Machineries handled by the worker and the Work environment.

A written Ergonomic evaluation report will be provided to the company which includes the current Ergonomic problems and specific recommendations to improve the worker and work environment.

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Potential benefits of employee

Increased opportunity for employees to take control of their health and medical treatment

Increased morale due to Management’s interest in their health and Well Being.

Reduced work absences

Reduced medical costs

Reduced Pain and sufferings

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Potential Benefits of companies

Increased worker morale

Decreased Organizational Conflict

Increased workers Productivity, higher energy levels and less error

A recruitment tool for new workers

Reduced sick leave and absenteeism

Increased job satisfaction and job retention

Increased employee work life balance

Greater goodwill in the society.

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Economical Benefits of the companies

The money spent on improving the ergonomics of the offices has an excellent return on investment.

In most instances existing facilities can be modified or readjusted to achieve the desired results, without having to make fresh purchases.

Well –Implemented ergonomics programmes are always cost effective.They save more than they cost.

A basic programme of educating workers in ergonomics and the prevention of RSI are in a company’s best interests and will results in more effective work practices.

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic

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Thank you

Aayushman Pain & Rehabilitation Clinic