division of vocational rehabilitation
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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. “The Vendor Registration Process”. How a Company or Individual Becomes a Vendor. Step One. Initial contact with DVR representative to discuss available services and/or goods. Step Two.

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division of vocational rehabilitation

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

“The VendorRegistration Process”

step one
Step One

Initial contact with DVR representative to discuss available services and/or goods


step two
Step Two

DVR representative provides prospective vendor with Vendor Registration Form and W-9


Prospective vendor accesses forms on DVR website: http://www.dvrcolorado.com/partners.php


step three
Step Three

Any questions/clarifications are directed to initial DVR representative


step four
Step Four

Prospective Vendor sends completed forms: W-9 and Vendor Registration Form to initial DVR representative


step five
Step Five
  • DVR staff reviews standards, certifications and/or qualifications and calls Prospective Vendor, if necessary
  • DVR adds appropriate service codes and approves for processing


step six
Step Six

Approved by DVR representative and sent to DVR Administration Office for final processing

For vendor status information, call initial DVR representative


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Q: How long does it take to become a vendor?
  • A: Between 3-5 business days.
  • Q: Once the paperwork is received by DVR, how long before I can start providing services as a new vendor?
  • A: As a vendor, services cannot be provided until an authorization for service is received.
  • Q: My Mom is the daycare provider for my family. Can I have DVR pay her?
  • A: Yes, but she will need to sign up as a vendor.


FAQs Continued
  • Q: Do I have to complete all of the forms if I am only going to be used once?
  • A: Yes, the Vendor Registration Form and W-9 must be completed.
  • Q: I am an individual operating out of my house and I do not have an EIN (Employer Identification Number), what should I do?
  • A: You can use your Social Security Number.
  • Q: Since I am being paid by DVR, does that mean I am covered by DVR’s insurance if anything goes wrong?
  • A: No. You are an independent contractor with the State of Colorado and must carry your own insurance.


FAQs Continued
  • Q: How do I get DVR staff to know that my business exists?
  • A: The marketing of your business is your responsibility.
  • Q: As a vendor, I don’t have an office; can I use state offices to conduct business?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Can I provide services without a valid or current authorization in hand?
  • A: No, you must have written authorization in hand. Without written authorization, you risk not being reimbursed for services rendered.


FAQs Continued
  • Q: Who do I contact with questions before becoming a vendor?
  • A: Speak with your initial DVR representative or your local DVR Field Office.
  • Q: Who do I contact with questions after I am already a vendor?
  • A: Speak with the authorizing Counselor and/or Administrative Assistant at your local DVR office.
  • Q: Is my DBA my legal name or just the name of my business?
  • A: The legal name of your business is what the IRS has listed for your Tax Identification Number. Your DBA is the name by which your customers know you.


FAQs Continued
  • Q: What address should I use?
  • A: Use the address where you would like your payment to be sent.
  • Q: What do I enter in the service code section on the Vendor Registration Form?
  • A: The service code section is for DVR staff purposes only.


FAQs Continued


  • Q: How do I get paid?
  • A: A State generated check.
  • Q: When do I get paid?
  • A: Per state fiscal rules, you will get paid within 45 days of an invoice received. We make every effort to expedite this process to provide a quicker delivery of payment.


FAQs Continued
  • Q: What should I include on my bill when I send it to DVR for payment?
  • A: Billing Elements: Vendor Name, Authorization Number, Invoice Number, Dates of Service, Remittance Amount, Counselor Name, Client Identification, an itemized list of services and/or goods provided, if Medical (include CPT codes).


FAQs Continued
  • Q: What type of supporting documentation do I need to provide when I send a bill to DVR?
  • A: A written report needs to accompany the bill for all services rendered or a signed receipt for all goods. Please communicate with the authorizing counselor to determine what elements are needed within the report.


  • DVR retains the right to terminate business with a vendor at anytime without notice
  • DVR and/or Vendor are not obligated to long-term partnerships or quotas