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TWITTER STRATEGY https://twitter/Bethel_C_F PowerPoint Presentation
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TWITTER STRATEGY https://twitter/Bethel_C_F

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TWITTER STRATEGY https://twitter/Bethel_C_F - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BETHEL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. TWITTER STRATEGY Presence: a twitter account is de rigeur and necessary Short microblogging – appeals to many Can reach 1,000s of people Effective communication, essential advertising

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TWITTER STRATEGY https://twitter/Bethel_C_F

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  2. Presence: a twitter account is de rigeur and necessary • Short microblogging – appeals to many • Can reach 1,000s of people • Effective communication, essential advertising • Encourages interest in main sites and articles • Publishes links from main sites (Tumblr, WP etc) • means of acknowledging courtesies [e.g. #thankyou after an endorsement is given] • connects with social media analytic tools to analyse reach, coverage and more • valuable social media tool • Most people have a twitter account as well as Facebook account • Twitter is used by several millions of people worldwide • Twiiter is not restricted by geographical location • Twitter needs to be considered in a ‘global village’ paradigm • On twitter, when a person ‘follows’ you, they may also look at those whom you • are following, increasing their reach exponentially

  3. Social Tweets & Greets Good Mornings Blessings Congratulations (new job etc) Mon. Best wishes on the new week Fri: #WeekendWishes Sat:”#HappyWeekend people!” #FF (Follow Friday)~ a recommendation to follow a tweeter of interest or note Courtesies “tweetiquet” #Thankyou for the Follow #Thankyou for the #mention #Thankyou for the #Favourite #Thankyou for the #retweet or #RT #Thankyou for the #Endorsement, #Kred, #Klout, #Trust credit/award Networking Tweets Anytime you favourite Anytime you award Trust, Klout,Kred Anytime you endorse a skill Business introductions/ meet my online friend Anytime you Follow or are Following Any connection made in business world Top followers/ High Profile followers Courtesies General Tweets Daily scriptures, Word for the Week etc Mentioning an article, review, or product Sharing a video, music or podcast Sharing a picture, infographic Links to educational materials, sermons etc Answers given on question forums, tweeted

  4. Schedulers • • • • • ???might be able to schedule tweets • can autotweet Schedulers are important as they take the strain of multiple tweets, or standard Tweeting. However twitter is becoming more hostile towards autotweets Schedulers are vital when dealing with tweeting the same message 4 times spaced at 8 hour intervals for panglobal coverage OR to tweet at specified hours to reach certain global areas (when you may be sleeping)

  5. #Engage the top engagers: (thank, mention, greet, tweet) #Acknowledge new followers ~AND ADD something that shows you read their profile #DM an unfollower and ask why, or unfollow/ follow … shows on their Analyticspage and prompts them to reply #Note what people are following and why #Deliver the need/ interest #Keep to what you are about #Compliment a tweet or two/ favourite #Network across other platforms: ( engage on FB) #Tweet to reach them (time , zone, etc) • ANALYTICS show: • Who followed recently • Who unfollowed • Who doesn’t follow back • Top engagers & favourites • Age range of followers • Location (city) and country • Key time people respond to your tweets • Gender distribution • Times when you tweet • What they respond to [#tag tracking] • Times when most people are online


  7. Create a store of ornamental/ embellished tweets Create picture files for tweets /pinterest/photobucket/flickR/facebook/Google+ Create a template of the common tweet phrasing Design custom greetings for general use, specific people, towns or countries Use #Thankyou from their culture/ language: CHECK it is their language!!! Create a monthly rota of daily tweets: e.g. Thought for the day/prayer/meditation Create a yearly rota of tweets …ditto ….as this is a Christian site, use discernment when dealing with local customs/ other Faith festivals Create a stock tweets for calendar events e.g. Half-term (UK); Semesters (USA); Seasons; Seasonal Holidays/ Harvest time As this is a pentecostal church, we don’t do saint’s days…But national Saint’s days, Birthday of the Queen, Etc…

  8. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE CURRENTLY OUR TWIITER, FACEBOOK AND WORDPRESS ACCOUNTS REACH APPROX.60 CITIES & 20 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE 70% OF OUR AUDIENCE ARE MALE AGE RANGE IS MOSTLY POST 20s, Professionals & employed. 50% are social media top (world) professionals More than 1/3rd identify as Christian Statistics fluctuate. ….and this is before we sort keywords, metatags and content delivery

  9. Twitter strategy/world outreach: See if E-sword do the following languages And tweet scripture in those languages Engaging SouthAmerica/ Spain etc… Spanish/Portuguese Engaging Russia …Russian Engaging Korea, China, Thailand (Thai, Chinese, Korean) Engaging Philipines, Malaysia,Indonesia (Malay, Indonesian) Engaging India: URDU, HINDI, ARABIC Engaging Africa… swahili, and others If not, see if there is an online free equivalent resource English is universal, globally understood language. Consequently educational resources on our forum or blog will remain in english. However, if given the opportunity to tweet scripture to any country in its own Language, we may do so.

  10. Locations of followers & visitors to our sites • California • East coast • Central Usa • Canada • Russia • Romania • Europe • India • Philippines • Australia • UK • And elsewhere ..up to 20 countries have visited our site, not all listed here

  11. Twitter strategy. By JH 2013 (voluntary amateur webdesign & graphics) For Bethel Christian Fellowship Building Internet Outreach public twitter community