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Types of Adverting PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Adverting

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Types of Adverting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sean Kelly. Types of Adverting . TV. Seasonality - costs vary by month (summer tends to be cheaper than autumn for example ) It is possible to spend as little as £3k on TV media and generate a response , launch campaigns with TV media budgets of around £10k .

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  • Seasonality - costs vary by month (summer tends to be cheaper than autumn for example)
  • It is possible to spend as little as £3k on TV media and generate a response , launch campaigns with TV media budgets of around £10k.
  • Time of day - Certain day parts are more expensive than others (i.e. early evening peak) as this is when most UK viewers are tuning in
  • Time length of the creative - 30 seconds is an industry standard, if the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly
social media
Social Media
  • YouTube homepage takeover = $400,000
To own the large display ad with video on the YouTube homepage, advertisers typically cough up about $400,000. It’s usually sold as a package, though, with other media such as in-stream video ads, display ads, or featured video listings.
  • Facebook log-out screen ad = $100,000
When Facebook launched its log-out screen ads, reports suggested it was charging $700,000 for them, but in reality they came bundled with a homage ad commitment, too. Buyers say they’re now selling log-out ads standalone for around $100,000.
  • Twitter promoted trending topic = $120,000
Promoted trending topics typically sell for around $120,000 but are usually supported by a promoted tweet purchase of around $80,000, too
  • Also you can get advertisement from other internet sites
  • The two main costs associated with radio advertising are: buying radio airtime and radio production.
  • To give a very rough perspective, a week-long campaign that uses a 30 second ad (minus production costs) could cost anything from:
  • £500 on a local station
  • £2,500 on a regional station
  • Upwards from £10,000 on a national station
  • There is are point about using billboards is that they are scattered around the place so more people will see what you are adverting however a bad point is that they can get destroyed by weather or vandalism
  • A ‘heavy’ two-week roadside campaign, covering 750 panels with 96 sheets, will set you back £750,000. While a ‘light’ campaign with the same number of sheets but on 350 panels is closer to £350,000
  • It is estimated that about 87% of the UK adults see an outside advertising promotion every week, which is why some £1bn is spent on it every year
phone calls
Phone Calls
  • Phone call adverting is a fast and easy way of it with call centers growing each day the more chance of selling your product however with people getting caller ID and seeing that it’s a call center they are ignoring it not wanting to be hassled and with most people now blocking the number so they cannot even try and get a sale
print advertising newspapers magazines
Print Advertising - Newspapers, Magazines,
  • Print media has always been a popular advertising option. Advertising products via newspapers or magazines is a common practice. In addition to this, the print media also offers options like promotional brochures and fliers for advertising purposes. Often, newspapers and magazines sell the advertising space according to the area occupied by the ad, its position in the publication (front page/middle page, above/below the fold), as well as the readership of the publication.
  • When it comes to advertising in newspapers there are two options – local or national newspapers. For your local newspaper you can expect to pay in excess of £250 for a quarter page advertisement But advertising in national newspapers is extremely expensive. As an example, it costs over £30,000 for a full page color ad in The Daily Mail
  • However, magazine advertising does have a number of advantages, particularly in its ability to target niche audiences. As an example of the cost, don’t expect to pay less than £200 for a full-page ad in a magazine with a readership of 5,000 people, and in may cases it’ll be considerably more expensive than that