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* Beam Arch Suspension PowerPoint Presentation
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* Beam Arch Suspension

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* Beam Arch Suspension - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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* Beam Arch Suspension
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  1. Bridges *Beam Arch Suspension

  2. Bridges Beam *Arch Suspension

  3. Bridges Beam Arch *Suspension

  4. Forces Managed by Bridges Compression pushes inward or toward the object’s center Tension pulling or stretching force

  5. Beam Bridge

  6. Valley Fair Wild Thing I Beam Construction Building the Empire State Building Video

  7. Wabasha Street Bridge St Paul, Minnesota Spanning the Mississippi Cantilever deck truss Beam Bridge 1890


  9. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, world's longest span.

  10. Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge – under deck truss

  11. Elbbrücke 1990 Tangermünde – above deck truss

  12. Arch

  13. Catenary Arch Curve of idealized hanging chain when supported at its ends. Acted on only by its own weigh

  14. Euler proved in 1744 that the catenary is the curve which, when rotated about the x-axis, gives the surface of minimum surface area (the catenoid) for the given bounding circle.

  15. Arch Bridge • Semicircular structure • Rigid span • Curving upward between two points of support • Transfers the weight of the bridge and its load partially into a horizontal thrust • Horizontal thrust is restrained by the abutments at either side

  16. The Arkadiko Bridge in Greece Built 13th century BC One of the oldest arch bridges in existence

  17. Stone Arch Roman Bridge of Córdoba, Spain. Built in the 1st century BC

  18. Stone arch bridge in Shaharah, Yemen

  19. Central Park NY Pedestrian Bridge

  20. The keystone is the most important stone in an arch bridge, without this stone the arch would collapse. The keystone holds the arch together.

  21. Three-story Roman Pont du Gard Aqueduct

  22. Gothic Arch • Construct AB. • Set compass to AB • With compass at point B, construct arc AC. • With compass at point A, construct arc BC. Main portal Notre Dame, Paris

  23. JuscelinoKubitschek Bridge in Brasilia, Brazil Arch Suspension Hybrid Bridge

  24. Suspension Bridge Ted Talk

  25. Suspension Bridge • the force exerted is uniform with respect to horizontal distance • the result is a parabola

  26. Primitive suspension bridge over the River Astore

  27. Cable supported bridge

  28. How compelling is the need of humans to be able to move across their world?

  29. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Gallopin’ Gertie

  30. Draw BridgeDouble leaf bascule

  31. Draw BridgeRolling lift bridge

  32. Swing BridgeMoveable

  33. Swing: Government BridgeLock and Dam #15 Across Mississippi

  34. Rotating Bridge of the "rue Dieu" and Canal St Martin (Paris)

  35. GatesheadMillenium Bridge Gatehead

  36. Magdeburg Water Bridge Falkirk Wheel

  37. Falkirk Wheel