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MUSIC VIDEO ‘LOVE FOR THE HATE’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Communication • We have found our own artist called ‘Kell Hustlz’ who has sent us a song called ‘love for the hate’. The video is going to be performance and we are going to have the artist in it. The audience will be from adolescents to young adults and for people who are interested in hip-hop. hip-hop has created a culture that incorporates ethnicity, art, politics, fashion, technology and urban life. We are aiming for the hip hop audience with our music video by using a narrative that people can relate with.

  3. KELL’S VIDEO PROPOSAL • Concept: A boy is getting ready to meet his girl and take her out on prom night. The girl is waiting for him on a bench at a park and the boy plans to surprise her by her holding a bunch of roses behind his back as he approaches her. (Skip to scene) When she notices him coming she anxiously runs towards him (this is where the story flips). So, as she runs towards him the boy notices a group of guys further behind her looking very intimidating whilst chasing her (but the girl is still unaware). The boy then, points, drops the flowers and sprints towards her to protect her, by this stage the gang of boys are already close enough to harm them both and a struggle/fight then breaks out. The boy is now being assaulted as he is out-numbered whilst screaming out for help but we don't hear all of this as the song is playing over all of this.

  4. final idea • Final idea: Its going to be set at night, he is going to be walking down a street with street lights and he is going to have a sudden flash back of his past and how he used to be and think about a girl who he used to have but he left for 'groupies' When he flashes back it is going to turn black and white. The flash back is going to be him with his old girl and he is going to be checking the groupies out and paying no attention to his girl and then his girl leaves him because she has had enough and he doesn't give a care in the world because of all the attention he is getting of other girls. Then it is going to go back to him walking down the street and he is going to walk past all the groupies again and not be bothered by the attention he is getting given of them.

  5. Location • Streets • Street lights • Outside • Dark

  6. COMMUNICATING • Planning meeting with client ‘Kelly’ - wed13th Nov • Chloe and I are planning to go on a test shoot and test how the lighting will look on the camera at night; we will be filming with a steady cam. After the test shoot we plan on meeting up with Kelly again and going on a location recce with him in Swinton because he has done some video shoots there, so he’ll know all the good places to shoot this particular one. We’re filming at night and we don’t want to take a risk of having bad lighting so Chloe’s going to bring a torch to enhance the lighting. When we shoot the actual video Kelly will have the music playing through headphones so that he can mime to it. We really want the video to have small depth of field, when he’s walking and rapping we want the main focus to be him and blur the background. • We’re meeting Kell again today (21st November), he’s going on location recce with us and he’s going to show us some good places to shoot.


  8. props • Steady cam • Camera • Head lights/torches