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Do Now:. DO YOU HAVE A NEIGHBOR OR NEIGHBORS THAT DO NOT GET ALONG? WHY? . Do Now:. The Smiths-wealthy, own dog, hate Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks-poor, no dog, hate Smiths. Scenario 1 :

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Do now
Do Now:


Do now1
Do Now:

The Smiths-wealthy,

own dog, hate Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks-poor, no dog, hate Smiths

  • Scenario 1:

  • The Smiths and Bolsheviks are next door neighbors at the end of a cul de sac. They historically hate each other. One side of the cul de sac has wealthy families including the Smiths. The other side is poorer and includes the Bolsheviks. There was a crime spree of robberies in the neighborhood. To stop the crime, the neighbors do work together in a community watch and the Smiths purchased a mean, nasty dog to help guard the neighborhood. The crime spree ended. The Bolsheviks feel the Smiths should get rid of the dog. The Smiths want to keep it. The Bolsheviks can not afford to get a dog on their own. What should be done?


nasty dog

Scenario 2
Scenario 2:

  • To anger the Smiths, the Bolsheviks and the poorer families decide to share money to buy a mean, nasty dog for their side of the cul de sac. If you are the Smiths and the wealthier families what would you do?

Scenario 3
Scenario 3:

  • After the solutions of Scenario 2, what do you think the Smiths should do now?

  • How does this relate to events after WWII?

Yalta conference feb 4 11 1945 before the end of wwii
Yalta Conference Feb 4-11, 1945 (Before the end of WWII)

  • Met off of Black Sea before end of WWII to discuss outcome

  • U.S.A (FDR), Soviet Union (Stalin), & Britain (Churchill)

  • Soviets wanted Poland to be between USSR and Germany so don’t get invaded in the future

  • U.S.S.R wants control of Poland-why might this be bad?

  • Want to weaken Germany (break into 4 parts)

  • U.S. & Britain don’t agree (start WWIII) but U.S. needs Soviet help with Japan so agree, but Soviets have to give new nations free elections

2 nd meeting potsdam conference
2nd Meeting-Potsdam Conference

  • Potsdam, Germany

  • Stalin, Atlee (Great Britain-Churchill at start but was not reelected), Truman (FDR is dead)

  • July 17-Aug 2, 1945


  • What will happen to Poland?

  • Division Germany

  • Reparations

What parts of the



Not Followed?

  • Free elections were never given to Soviet occupied areas after WWII (Soviets do not keep their deal)

  • Germany will be 2 Parts not 4

  • Soviets will not have to fully help with Japan in WWII as the bomb will be dropped and end the war

After wwii

After WWII

The Cold War


The united nations u n
The United Nations (U.N.)

  • Formed with 51 countries that met in San Francisco to prevent future conflict

  • Based in N.Y. today

  • Has six parts

  • Five countries led the main council-U.S.A, Britain, France, U.S.S.R, China (have the most power)

Fate of great britain
Fate of Great Britain

  • Had to pay back Lend Lease fall into depression

  • Oust Churchill (blame for depression)

  • P.M. Attlee

  • Socialist

  • Can’t afford to keep empire

  • India independence 1947

  • Then Burma, Australia, Canada

  • Does not want atomic bomb

Why would communism appeal to countries destroyed by war
Why would communism appeal to countries destroyed by war?

  • People in poverty will get aid from government

  • Why does the U.S. not like communism?

  • Feel it takes away the freedoms of people, don’t like the type of government (usually dictator) that runs it

How can the u s help stop the spread of communism
How can the U.S. help Stop the Spread of Communism?

  • Truman Doctrine: Truman promises to help any country who refuses to get help from the Soviets. The doctrine first gives aid to Greece and Turkey.

  • Marshall Plan: Expands Truman Doctrine. U.S. aids European countries economically so they don’t fall to communism after WWII

  • NSC-68: signed in 1950 by Truman- quadrupled the amount spent on defense and stated ~20% GDP go to defense

Truman policies
Truman Policies

  • Truman Doctrine: economically help struggling countries

  • i.e. Greece & Turkey

  • So won’t fall to communism

  • Marshall Plan: Extends Truman Doctrine

  • Sec State Marshall

    $13.4 billion

    Mainly G.B., France, Italy

Arab israeli conflict
Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • U.N. sectioned off to make two countries to create a Jewish homeland for refugees from Holocaust

  • First War 1947-1948

  • 750,000 Palestinians misplaced-still a controversy today

Fate of japan
Fate of Japan

  • Occupied until 1952 (under the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty)

  • MacArthur in charge

  • Democracy

  • Hirohito emperor if cooperates

  • Tojo executed by hanging 1948

  • Was Tojo the scapegoat?

What happens to the nazis nuremberg trials
What happens to the Nazis? Nuremberg Trials

  • Nuremberg, Bavaria

  • 1945-1946

  • Originally major war crimes (23 people)

  • Second was judges and doctors

Fate of u s
Fate of U.S.

  • U.S. become world power

  • U.S. has atomic bomb

  • 1952 get Hydrogen bomb

  • Capitalist/Representative Democracy

  • Truman President until 1953

  • Dwight Eisenhower “Ike” President 1953-1961

Fate of soviet union
Fate of Soviet Union

  • Stalin dies 1953

  • Khrushchev becomes leader

  • Communist

  • Mad we did not tell them we had atomic bomb & feels they had to fight the eastern front without help (most causalities)

  • Does not keep promise from Yalta for free elections

  • Get atomic bomb 1949

  • Get Hydrogen bomb 1953

Welcome to the cold war
Welcome to the Cold War!!!

  • What is a “cold war”?

  • Tension building but no actually fighting between the two countries (no hot war in which the Soviets & U.S. are directly fighting each other)

  • Nose to nose arguing but no punches thrown

  • What is the building tension over?

  • Arms race (build up of weapons)

  • Space Race (who is more technologically advanced)

  • Spread of economic/political way of life

  • Ex. Communism v. capitalism

Fate of germany
Fate of Germany

  • Sectioned into 4 parts

  • East Germany went to U.S.S.R

  • West to France, GB, U.S.A (We eventually combine to make West Germany)

  • Split capital of Berlin in Soviet zone as well

    Why would the capital be split and not given to the Soviets?

Berlin airlift
Berlin Airlift

  • First conflict of Cold War Soviets block supplies from coming into West Berlin so they would gain complete control

  • June 1948-May1949

  • US & Britain airlift ~ 13,000 tons of supplies

  • Why is the airlift such a major event?

  • Could have started war!

  • Afterward became East Germany & West Germany

Berlin wall 1961
Berlin Wall 1961

  • Tensions will continue to build over the decade

  • Built in 1961 by the Soviets (J.F.K will be the U.S. president)

  • Separated East from West Berlin

  • Why was the wall seen as a lose for the U.S?

  • What issues to the wall create in Berlin?

  • Fell in Nov. 1989

  • Symbol of the Cold War & Fall marks the beginning of the end of the Cold War

Berlin wall

Fall in 1989

Berlin Wall

In 1960’s

What impact will this building tension have
What impact will this building tension have?

  • Countries will begin forming alliances

  • Continuous fear of atomic war/WWIII

Nato north atlantic treaty organization
NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • United States

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • France

  • Italy

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Iceland

  • Denmark

  • Belgium

  • Luxemburg

  • Portugal

  • An agreement against an attack from the Soviet Union

Warsaw pact communist
Warsaw Pact (Communist)

  • Soviet Union

  • Albania

  • Czechoslovakia

  • Hungary

  • East Germany

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Bulgaria

The iron curtain
The Iron Curtain

  • Churchill states “An iron curtain has descended upon the Continent”

  • What is the iron curtain?

  • An imaginary line that divides the communist countries from the rest of Europe

The eastern bloc
The Eastern Bloc

  • Satellite Nation: appears to be an independent nation but really is ruled by another.

  • Soviets had areas around them as satellite nations during the Cold War.

Yugoslavia why is it a different color on the maps
Yugoslavia-Why is it a different color on the maps?

  • Leader Josip Tito

  • Split from Stalin 1948

  • Was an Ally in WWII so independent

  • Communist but not part of Stalin’s satellite nations

  • Yugoslavia divided in 1992 after ethnic wars

Communist china
Communist China

  • China became communist in 1949

  • Mao Zedong (1949-1976) controversial leader

  • China is in transition today

What effect does the cold war have in american society red scare
What effect does the Cold War have in American society? Red Scare

  • Senator Joseph McCarthy

  • Vows to rid of spread of communism because he “has a list of names” to get elected

  • McCarthyism

  • HUAC-House Un-American Activities Committee-investigatedsuspected communist

  • Hollywood Ten- accused actors and actresses of spreading communism

  • Impact: started a widespread fear of communism in the U.S.

Julius ethel rosenberg
Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Scare

  • Accused of selling bomb secrets to Soviets

  • Tried & executed 1953

  • Ethel re-executed

  • Targeted because they were Russian immigrants & had relatives in Russia (shows shift in discrimination)

The space race
The Space Race Scare

  • In 1957 Soviets launch Sputnik

  • First earth orbiting artificial satellite

  • Starts Space Race in Cold War

  • Changes U.S. school curriculum

It s a cold war with hot zones
It’s a Cold War with Hot Zones… Scare

  • Conflicts will break out in:



    -Latin America

    -The Middle East

  • Why?

    -Containment: US policy to stop the spread of Communism

    -Domino Theory: fear that if one country falls to communism their neighbor will too