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Combi Ovens Program

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Combi Ovens Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combi Series Webinar December 2008 Combi Oven Webinar: Combi Ovens Frank Barrett-Mills December 8, 208. Combi Ovens Program. Equipment overview Specific Operational Information C/CPE K/KPE Features Competition How To sell Summery. Combi King Overview.

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Presentation Transcript
Combi Series Webinar December 2008Combi Oven Webinar: Combi OvensFrank Barrett-Mills December 8, 208
combi ovens program
Combi Ovens Program
  • Equipment overview
  • Specific Operational Information C/CPE K/KPE
  • Features
  • Competition
  • How To sell Summery
combi king overview
Combi King Overview
  • Largest selection of Combi ovens in the industry
  • Both Boiler and Boilerless and the only company to offer a Bi-Combi
  • Controls for every customers needs
  • Stacking units
  • In combination with other BKI equipment

The widest oven range in the world

  • 3 oven lines K/C/B
  • 2 levels of equipment boiler and boilerless
  • 9 oven sizes
  • High efficiently boiler with preset warnings for de-lime process
  • Simple de-lime process
  • Controlled blow down and refills saves water (20% savings over Rational)*Wisconsin Combi Test
  • Decreases Root Vegetable cooking by 30%
boiler less
Boiler less
  • Controls water use
  • Cooks everything the Boiler unit can
  • No Service costs for delimeing (est $300.00 a year, source Applebee's Restaurants )
  • Simple Cleaning of nozzle no boiler
  • Cost of electrical use lower
bi combi
Bi Combi
  • You are the only supplier of a combi that can switch from Boiler to Boiler-less with three key strokes
  • Energy savings of 20% when in Boiler less mode
  • Water savings .5 gal hr for C/CPE units K units 2.5 gal hr.
  • Use of boiler and boiler-less allows for an extended time between de-liming
the c control
The C control
  • Simple knob and icon programming and operation.
  • 10 programs with 3 steps in each
  • 3 types of cooking Convection, Convection with moisture and Steam only
  • Multiple fan speed selections
  • Diagnostics
  • Pre-set basic cooking and semi automatic clean cycles
the cpe control
The CPE Control
  • Touch pad controls and programming
  • 200 programs with 10 steps in each program
  • Full pre-heat and cool down in all programs
  • Clear screen can be seen from a distance
  • Full maintained and diagnostic program supplied
  • Full internet hook up supplied
  • Full cook and hold and Delta T
  • Program
  • Full HACCP program supplied
  • Remote operation by internet
controls for everyone
Controls for everyone
  • C/K and CPE/KPE controls can be operated in a manual time, temp, mode cooking
  • C/K controls give the security of a know operation for those who have problems with computer controls
  • KPE/CPE allows for the manual cook and the highest sophistation of a fully programmable computer.
additional important features
Additional Important Features
  • All CPE/KPE units get memory slots for memory sticks that can be pre-programmed for easy upgrades and menu changes
  • Duel release doors protect operator and are additional cost with some and not available with others
  • Hose sprayer not supplied bys some and additional cost by some
  • Double glass/Cool Door system protects view to unit with easy cleaning, and acts as a heat barrier for cool door operation
  • Easily removable door gasket for easy cleaning and prolonged life.
features continued
Features Continued
  • Safety moisture catch from door to protect against wet floors as condensation drips down door. Also self empting
  • Adjustable audible notifications
  • Brightness of screen adjustable
  • Multiple languages, program in one and then convert to another
  • With all combis, a filtration system is supplied


  • #1 Rational
  • #2 Alto Shaam
  • #3 Henny Penny
  • #4 Cleveland
  • #5 Blodget
  • #6 Electrolux(watch out for these people)
  • Preceded leader discussion
  • All boiler units vulnerable due to energy and maintenance
  • Chef program and marketing the best
  • Local demos available and scheduled over the year
  • Ground swell support as they were the first and did it well.
  • Price above our boiler-less discussion
alto shaam
Alto Shaam
  • Price leader, with some unique sizes
  • The price for the unit is not the price for the unit, you build to where ours is
  • Single door system
  • Confusing operation
  • Chef Support available
  • Water drip problem
  • Both boiler and boiler-less systems
  • 7 pan system debunked( discuss)
  • Major price increase on the way
  • Big labor shake up
henny penny
Henny Penny
  • Great competition over complete line. Price increase 12/1/08 helps
  • Combi ovens have not been widely accepted since they moved away from Rational to MTA oven from France
  • Hard to program
  • Heat exchanger problems with gas
  • Lack of understanding of how to service
  • Management shake up at the top
henny penny continued
Henny Penny Continued
  • Small selection of sizes
  • Spec holes for us to fill
  • Program not as sophisticated as ours
  • Distributor focus problem nationally now
  • Have some interesting accessories Hiding door
  • High prices
  • Boiler and Boiler less
  • Little chef support
  • No support on line
  • Rep sold knowledge problems
  • High energy and water use
  • Discuss
  • Not a strong player in our industry
  • More known for restaurant
  • Size mix is good
  • Controls are difficult to operate (computer unit)
  • Price point high
  • Boilers only
  • Delime program difficult and semi automatic delime not successful
  • The most unknown of all the units
  • First review of units done two weeks ago hands on
  • Controls are difficult and unnerving
  • Few sizes
  • Performance good, systems work
  • Both Boiler and Boiler-less
  • Priced High
  • More to come