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Advertiser Self-Service Digital ad delivery and e-proofing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advertiser Self-Service Digital ad delivery and e-proofing. Key Benefits. A web site designed just to service our advertising customers. Information they need to do business with you Internet access and a web browser are all that is needed Free, high quality, ad delivery service.

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Advertiser self service digital ad delivery and e proofing

Advertiser Self-Service

Digital ad delivery and e-proofing

Key benefits
Key Benefits

  • A web site designed just to service our advertising customers.

    • Information they need to do business with you

    • Internet access and a web browser are all that is needed

  • Free, high quality, ad delivery service.

    • Secure, reliable, easy to use

  • Improve communication between Sales, Prepress and our Advertising Customers.

    • Advertisers receive emails (confirming, notifying, alerting)

    • Sales people have easy access to information they need to properly service their clients

    • Prepress has fewer places to look for files and information

  • Ads from AdSEND, FastChannel, and AdDesk are in one database.

    • No more email, cd or ftp.

  • Send your advertisers proofs of ads you build in-house via the internet.

    • Get proofs more quickly and better quality than Fax

  • History of events provides essential information when dealing with customer claims of mishandling.

  • Saves Money and Time by automating the processing of ad files.

Addesk home page on www ndnadvertising com
AdDesk Home Page on

  • A web site designed for our advertisers.

    • Easy to understand

    • Easy to find information

  • Deadlines

  • Mechanical Specifications

  • Sales Contact Information

  • Media Kit

  • Upload ad files

    • PDFs, Art, Text, Documents

  • Review proofs

File preparation help
File Preparation Help

  • AdDesk explains how to build ads to our specifications

  • Instructions are provided for popular desktop publishing programs

  • Step by step Instructions

Downloadable files section
Downloadable Files Section

  • Customer Service

    • Credit Application

    • Rate Card

    • Media Kit

  • Prepress

    • Acrobat Distiller Settings

    • Commonly Used Art and Graphics

    • Templates

Membership login
Membership Login

  • The user is prompted to Sign In before they can use AdDesk

  • Standard Practice Business to Business Web (B2B) Sites


  • It takes a few minutes to complete.

  • No more filling out contact information over and over!

  • Once a Member has signed up they can send ad files immediately.

  • The information is used to send submission confirmations and proof notifications via email.

    • Makes the customer responsible for keeping contact information up to date

Member administration
Member Administration

  • Associate the Member with an Advertiser account from your Order Entry System for automation.

  • AdDesk understands the relationships between members, advertisers, and agencies.

File delivery options
File Delivery Options

  • Complete Display Ads

    • PDF Ads

  • Ad Materials

    • Pictures

    • Text

    • Native Documents

  • Other Uses / Applications

    • Press Releases

    • Receiving files from remote offices

    • Photos

    • Web Ads

Uploading files
Uploading Files

  • Contact information comes from the Membership account.

  • The advertiser provides insertion information about the file they are sending and attaches the file.

  • No file size limitations!

  • Deadline Awareness

Multiple files
Multiple files

  • Use compression programs such as WinZIP and Stuff-It

  • Use the Ad Materials upload form

    • Send up to five individual files at a time.

    • Space for handling instructions on each file being sent.

Advertiser self service digital ad delivery and e proofing

On-Line Confirmation

  • An immediate response is posted on the advertiser’s screen when the upload is complete.

  • When this screen displays they know the file has been received by the newspaper.

  • A unique transmission Confirmation number is displayed

Advertiser self service digital ad delivery and e proofing

Email Confirmation

  • An email is sent to the advertiser confirming receipt of their files.

  • The sales person or their assistant can also receive an email notification

  • If the PDF file fails preflighting AdDesk will automatically send a notification to the advertiser.

Printed job ticket
Printed Job Ticket

  • An arrival ticket prints with the corresponding confirmation number.

  • Company and contact information from Membership or delivery service is printed on the ticket.

  • A preview of the PDF file submitted is printed at the bottom of the arrival ticket


  • Track your clients ads

  • List of incoming ad files from AdDesk, AdSEND, FastChannel etc...

  • Get arrival details, enter the insertion order number, and change the status.

  • Sort by advertiser, arrival time, sales person or delivery method.

Admonitor arrivals
AdMonitor; Arrivals

  • NDN Electronic monitors arrivals and distributes Ads

  • Permission-based access to incoming ads, proofs, advertiser, member accounts, and administration.

  • Find ads by advertiser name, transmission number, or insertion number.

  • Sort Lists by Advertiser Name, Sales Person, or Arrival Time

  • Create custom views and look-ups.

Admonitor processing
AdMonitor; Processing

  • Arrival Details

    • Submitter

    • File Information

    • Preflight Result

  • Lookup and match the file to the Insertion Order

  • Open the file

    • Crop And Size

  • Transfer the File

    • Ad Tracking

    • Pagination

    • File is renamed based on Insertion Order Number

Admonitor history
AdMonitor; History

  • Major events are recorded automatically

    • Arrival Method, date and time.

    • Insertion number the file is associated with

    • Operator name

    • Date and Time

    • Status Changes

    • Transfer Destinations

    • File name changed to

E proofing

  • AdDesk can send an electronic proof to the customer, sales rep, or sales aide.

  • Proofs can be sent via Fax or via the Internet.

  • Proofs sent, viewed, and responses are all tracked by AdDesk. Courier proofs can also be tracked.

  • Proof Recipient and Contact information comes from Membership

  • AdDesk is integrated with the order entry system and uses the Insertion Order information for the details of the ad and advertiser.

Queue an ad to go out on proof
Queue an Ad to Go out on Proof

  • Once an ad is booked it is then queued in AdDesk to be sent out on Proof.

  • Simply key in the ad number and AdDesk pulls up the right ad and advertiser account information automatically.

Confirm the details then send
Confirm the Details, then Send

  • Validate Proof Recipients

    • Advertiser

    • Sales Rep

    • Sales Aide

  • Validate Deadline

  • Add Comments

  • Queue it up!

  • AdDesk will send the proof as soon as the Ad is completed by the artist.

Advertiser self service digital ad delivery and e proofing

Email Notification

  • An email is sent to the advertiser and/or sales person when the proof is ready.

  • Click on the View Proof button in the email and they go directly to their proof on your AdDesk website.

  • Deadline for comments is included in the email.

View and respond to proofs
View and Respond to Proofs

  • View the proof in a standard browser.

  • The ad is in JPEG format, which displays quickly, and does not require a plug-in.

  • Attached “Push Pin” notes

  • Enter Comments about the overall ad proof.

  • Select a Response

    • Approved

    • Approved with Changes

    • Needs Revision

  • The proof is NOT available after the deadline! (unless reposted)

Track and monitor proofs
Track and Monitor Proofs

  • Real Time Proof Status

    • Proofs Due today

    • Proofs Approved

    • Proofs needing corrections

    • Proofs near deadline

    • Proofs past deadline

Tracking and managing change requests
Tracking and ManagingChange Requests

  • Track and manage proof status.

  • Customer comments and change requests can be viewed in AdMonitor.

Proof response ticket
Proof Response Ticket

  • Ticket with Reviewer Responses can be printed out automatically.

  • This is often placed in the Job Bag.

Proof history
Proof History

  • User, date, time and comments are saved in History for effective handling of credit requests.

  • Did anyone even look at the proof?