The best camping trip ever
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The best camping trip ever! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The best camping trip ever!. Cierra Wyatt 5 th grade. About Camping.

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The best camping trip ever
The best camping trip ever!

  • Cierra Wyatt

  • 5th grade

About camping
About Camping

  • Camping is the best thing to do in the summer! It is fun and there are a lot of things to do. There’s sleeping in tents, roasting marsh mellows, and sometimes you can go swimming. My favorite place to go camping is in Ft. Desoto!

Things you can do
Things you can do

  • There are a lot of things you can do in Ft. Desoto. You can go swimming on the beach, you can look at the animals, you can also roast marsh mallows!

  • When you go to Ft. Desoto the fun never stops!!!

Do you love camping
Do you love camping?

  • I love camping because I love sleeping in tents even though sometimes it’s hot!

  • I also love camping because I love roasting marsh mellows by the toasty fire.


  • When you are out camping in the wild, you can see a lot of different animals or plants!

  • Some of these things might be poisonous or harmless. There are a lot of things that can hurt you in the wild.

  • When you see something that is unfamiliar with you, don’t touch them. Stay away!!!

Things you need
Things you need

  • When you go camping you will need the proper equipment to have a fun and safe camping trip!

  • You will need a tent with a sleeping bag to keep warm in at night!

  • You may also need snacks and

    Drinks so you will be full of energy

    for the fun things you can do!

The end of the fun trip
The end of the fun trip!

  • Before you leave your camping site make sure that you pick up you site and leave it clean for the next people that come.

  • Also don’t leave anything of your belongings behind. If it is valuable then don’t forget it.

  • This is a way to have a fun camping trip worth remembering!