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maths in transport virtual trip around n.
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,,Maths in transport Virtual trip around our BG cities PowerPoint Presentation
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,,Maths in transport Virtual trip around our BG cities

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,,Maths in transport Virtual trip around our BG cities
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,,Maths in transport Virtual trip around our BG cities

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  1. ,,Maths in transport Virtual trip around our BG cities

  2. Hello! Today we will see some landmarks in Bulgaria.

  3. The cities we will visit are the following: 1.Sofia-capital2.Lovech 3. Pleven 4. Veliko Tarnovo 5.Gabrovo 6.Sliven 7.Burgas 8. Varna 9.Dobrich 10. Silistra let's start

  4. Sofia • Sofia is the capital and the largest city in Bulgaria. It is the 12th largest city in the European Union, with a population of 1 302 297 people. According to the results of the 2011 census, the population of the city is 1 291 591, which represents 17.5% of the population of Bulgaria.

  5. National theater ,, Ivan Vazov" St. Alexander Nevsky Boyanska church National history museum National Palace of Culture Russian Church

  6. Lovech • Lovech is a town in Central Northern Bulgaria. During the Ottoman rule, it is called "Altan Lovech" - "Golden Lovech". Today Lovech is the administrative and economic center of the Lovech municipality and the Lovech region. The population of the city according to NSI data as at 31.12.2015 is 34 002 inhabitants.

  7. Covered bridge Lovech medieval fortress Museum "Vasil Levski" Monument of Vasil Levski Lovech zoo Hissar Fortress

  8. Pleven • Pleven is a town in northern Bulgaria. Pleven and its surroundings have roots in the ancient antiquity and practically continuous millennium development. Today Pleven is the administrative center of the Pleven municipality, the Pleven district, and is the largest economic core of the North-West economic region.

  9. Panorama of the ,,Pleven Epopee 1877’’ Regional historical museum HOUSE MUSEUM KING AWARDER ALEXANDER II Wine Museum

  10. Veliko Tarnovo • Veliko Tarnovo is a town located in northern Bulgaria, the center of the region of the same name as well as the North Central region. The town is the capital of the Second Bulgarian State and the Principality of Bulgaria in the period 1878 - 1879. In the Middle Ages it was named Turnovgrad, gradually becoming known as Tarnovo.

  11. Stambolov bridge Marno Field Park Cathedral St. Birth of the bridegroom Monument to Mother Bulgaria

  12. Tsarevets Tsarevets is a hill in Veliko Tarnovo, as well as a fortress in the medieval town of Tarnovo. It is located near the old town of Veliko Tarnovo. It was the main Bulgarian fortress during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom when Turnovo was the capital of the kingdom.

  13. Gabrovo • Gabrovo is a town in central Bulgaria, an administrative and economic center of Gabrovo and Gabrovo. It is situated along the Yantra River at the northern foot of the Shipka part of the Balkan Mountains. The geographic center of Bulgaria is situated in the immediate vicinity of Uzana.

  14. Ethnographic Open-Air Museum "Etar" Monument of Buzludja Shipka Ivanvalov waterfall Shipka Pass

  15. Sliven • Sliven is a town in Southeastern Bulgaria, located near Yambol and Nova Zagora. It is the eighth largest in the country and is the administrative center of Sliven and Sliven region. The biggest port in Bulgaria - Burgas - is 102 km east of the city.

  16. Tuida fortress Waterfall and Futula Cave Nature Park Directorate "Sinite kamani"

  17. Bourgas • Bourgas is the largest city in Southeastern Bulgaria and the second largest in the Bulgarian Black Sea, and with its area of 253,644 km² it is one of the largest in the country. According to the last NSI census as of 31 December 2015 the population is 203 017 inhabitants and thus becomes the fourth largest city in the country.

  18. Saint Anastasia Sea Garden Kraimorie Chengene scaffolding Avimuszeij

  19. Varna • Varna is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, situated on the shores of the Black Sea and Lake Varna and is the administrative center of the municipality and region of the same name. It is the largest city in Northern Bulgaria and on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

  20. aladzha monastery Varna Archaeological Museum Varna dolphinarium Galata

  21. Dobrich • Dobrich is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, administrative and business center of Dobrich district and Dobrich municipality. It is located in the southern part of the Dobrudja geographical area, 34 km from Balchik and 45 km from Varna. The population of the town as of 31.12.2017 is 84 502 inhabitants.

  22. Drama Theater "Yordan Yovkov" Church of St. George zoo House Museum "Yordan Yovkov" Zhitnitsa

  23. Silistra • Silistra is a port town on the Danube River in northeastern Bulgaria. It is an administrative and economic center of Silistra and Silistra. According to the latest NSI census as of December 31, 2015, the population is 32 868 inhabitants.

  24. Medjdi tabia Danube Garden Regional historical museum Museum of History

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