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My Trip to Paris, France PowerPoint Presentation
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My Trip to Paris, France

My Trip to Paris, France

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My Trip to Paris, France

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  1. My Trip to Paris, France By: Kristin Gable Fall 2013

  2. Overview • The reason that I chose to go to Paris, France on my trip is because it has always been my dream to go there. • I’m going to fly to Paris, but get a rental car. • My trip will be after graduation and my senior trip. • I will be stay at two different hotels. The first one is Campanile MLV-Bussy St George. It is close to Disneyland Paris. The second one is La Villa Maillot which is close to the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Description of Paris • Paris is over 2,000 years old! Gauls of the Parisii tribe settled there between 250 and 200 BC. They found a fishing village that is present day Ile de la Cité(the center of Paris.) Paris is known for the romantic feel that you have when you are there, the cafés, restaurants, and the attractions. • $133.36 is equal to 100 Euros in the currency of Paris. • The population of Paris is 2.23 million.

  4. Transportation • When I fly over to Paris I will fly on United Airlines. The price for the tickets are $13,190.80 for two people. I will leave at 9:08am on May 26, 2014 from Birmingham and get to Paris at 9:25am on May 27, 2014 . I will return on June 3, 2014 and leave Paris at 8:30am and get back to Birmingham at 4:35pm. • I plan on getting a rental car for $426 total.

  5. Travel Dates I chose the dates of May 26, 2014 through June 3, 2014. The reason why I chose these dates because it will be my senior trip and two years of being with my boyfriend. That will be our little anniversary thing that we do.

  6. Hotel/Accommodations/Lodging • The first hotel I will stay at is the Campanile MLV-Bussy St George. This hotel is $98.18 per night. I will be stay there from May 26, 2014 until May 30, 2014. The Campanile MLV-Bussy St George is located at 8 Avenue Marie Curie, du Centre Ville, Bussy St Georges, 77600. The hotel has an indoor pool, excersixegym, a coffee maker in room, coffee shop, meal plan, high speed internet, tv with cable, and doctor on call. This is a 3-star hotel is open 24 hours a day and offers modern comforts, inlcuding free wifi, air conditioning, high quality bedding. They organise professional events such as training workshops and conferences. Disneyland Paris is a 10 minute drive from the hotel.

  7. Campanile MLV-Bussy St George

  8. Hotels/Accommodations/Lodging Continued • The second hotel that I’m going to stay at La Villa Maillot. At this hotel, it is $422.65 per night. I will be staying here from May 30, 2014 until June 3, 2014. La Villa Maillot is located at 143, avenue de Malakoff, Paris, 75116. La Villa Maillot is a boutique hotel fully renovated in 2013, 18th-century villa, combining a classic door and modern design. Located a stone's throw from the Champs-Elyses, the Avenue Foch and the Congress Center. Porte Maillot Metro Station is 100 metres away. All of the rooms at La Villa Maillot have a unique, colourfuldecor. They offer airport transfers, bellhop, valet parking, free wifi, nespresso machine, international tvchanels, spas, and pillow menus.

  9. La Villa Maillot

  10. Entertainment • While I am at Disneyland Paris, I will go to the Disney Park, the Disney Village, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Also, while I am here I plan to go eat at Café Mickey, Crockett’s Tavern, and Fantasyland: Pizzeria Bella Notte. • While I am close to the Champ de Mars, I will go to the Mur pour la Paix (the wall for peace, it was built hopeful for world peace), the Eiffel Tower, and the Palace of Versailles. While I am here I am going to go eat at Au Bon Accueil and Le Jules Verne. •

  11. Entertainment

  12. Food at Disneyland Paris • Pizzeria Bella Notte: • Royal Pizza: 7,95 Euros • 4 Cheeses Pizza: 7,95 Euros • Lasagne: 7,50 Euros • Mickey brioche: 2,10 Euros • Crockett’s Tavern: • Fish and Chips: 11,70 Euros • Chicken in a basket: 12,50 Euros • Créme caramel: 3,10 Euros • Chocolate mousse: 3,30 Euros • Café Mickey: • Italian Burger: 26,49 Euros • Supreme de volailleArrabiata: 18,49 Euros • Caesar Salad: 18,49 Euros • Coupe Fairly Nuts: 9,10 Euros

  13. Food around Paris • Au Bon Accueil: - Filets De Maquereau: 8,5 Euros • SaladeVerte: 8,5 Euros • Mont Blanc Aux Fraises: 8,5 Euros • Tartelette Au Citron Vert: 8,5 Euros • Le Jules Verne • Fine Pea Soup and Crab Claw: 85 Euros • Browned Frog’s Legs: 53 Euros • Tower Bolt: 26 Euros • Ice Meringue Cake: 26 Euros

  14. Yummmmmmmy!

  15. Budget Total= $21,200.12

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