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The National Speakers League Presents… PowerPoint Presentation
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The National Speakers League Presents…

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The National Speakers League Presents… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The National Speakers League Presents…
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  1. 1 The National Speakers League Presents… A NEXT GEN Initiative

  2. 2 Young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 have the opportunity to run for the office of Virtual President of the United States, and those between the ages of 12 and 18 can run for the office of the Virtual Vice Presidency. The National Virtual Presidential Election was created to inspire young achievers and develop our future leaders by encouraging good oratory, presenting, and writing skills. Speak Up and Speak Outabout the difference that you will make, the change you wish to see!

  3. 3 The skills developed from this competition will groom participants into becoming effective…. • Political • Corporate • Civic • Organizational LEADERS!

  4. How it Works 4 This next gen initiative, is one that the millennial controls?  On the networks of course! This is why the National Virtual Presidential Election will largely take place on Social Media and the VPE site ( Candidates can record and upload their videos from their smart phones in the comfort of their homes if they choose to. No high tech camera equipment needed, though welcomed.

  5. 5 How it Works • “The only required venue appearances will be in the months of November Regionals and January Gala. Candidates who make it to the Regionals will speak at prestigious venues of former US Presidents, and candidates who make it to the finals will give the Historical annual “State of the American Address”. • Each candidate is required to upload at least one speech for every round. That speech will be graded by a mix of popular vote and a judges panel. • Popular Vote – The amount of individual votes generated by a candidate’s following • Judges Panel – Professional appointed members of the League who will judge speeches based on contest rules. Each round will highlight a new topic that is announced at the beginning of the respective rounds. The speeches are judged on the insight candidates share about the specified topic.

  6. 6 OFFICIAL ROUNDS Primaries Feb 17th – May 24th Memorial Day Round – Top 32/ Region (128 total) Independence Day Round – Top 16/ Region (64 total) Labor Day Round – Top 8/ Region (32 total) Veterans Day Round – Top 4/ Region (16 total) Thanksgiving Day Round – Top 2/ Region (8 total) Final Four – National Finalists (4 total) (2 Presidents and 2 Vice Presidents) Gala Finale – Winner Announced

  7. 7 How it Works The minimum requirement is one speech video upload per round, however, we encourage candidates to post four videos to their election platforms to share and build their popular following in social media. We keep the requirements at a minimum to allow candidates to utilize their individual creativity to build their platforms and following.

  8. 8 How it Works Candidates with growing popular votes have a greater chance of doing well in the competition. NSL members assists candidates to build their popular following by hosting venue appearances. The key is to get family, friends, and mentors involved early, self-branding, and managing your campaign activity on social media via share features of your Elections  Platform at election headquarters.NSL admin will supply tips to guide you through the elections.

  9. 9 Regional and Gala Events Ronald Reagan Presidential Library November Regional John F. Kennedy Presidential Library November Regional The topic for the Regional Events in November will be “Honoring our Veterans and Military Service”. Candidates still in the race will deliver speeches about their appreciation and opinions of our armed forces and veterans.

  10. 10 Jimmy Carter Presidential Library January Finale The four finalists (2 President and 2 Vice President) will be invited to finale gala. At this event, the winners will be announced and will deliver their State of the American Address to those in attendance and those viewing all over the world via live internet streaming.

  11. 11 • Earn prestige for your personal brand and recognition for your organization and message • Take YOUR message to the lecterns of American Presidents • Earn the lifetime privileged use of the official VPE Seal Represent your fellow Americans with pride as you deliver your State of the American Address for the nation and the world to see! (Virtual President Elect)

  12. 12 Rewards and Prizes • $30,000 + in Scholarships or Cash Equivalents. (Four Finalists) • National Recognition and Celebrity for Your Personal Brand • Exclusive Leadership Credential for Your Educational and Professional Resume’/Portfolio • Opportunity to Host Your Own Current Events Talk Show (Winner) • Have the Legacy as the FIRST Virtual President of the United States

  13. 13 Rewards and Prizes Our Finalists will arrive at the Gala Event in Presidential Style, flanked by imitation secret service escorts. Finalists set the stage for the President of the United States “State of the Union Address”, by setting a precedent  with their delivery of “the State of American Address”.

  14. 14 Requirements to Become a Candidate • Be a United States Citizen. (Your residency can be anywhere in the world) • Be between the ages of 18 and 24 for the Virtual Presidential Office • Be between the ages of 12 and 18 for the Virtual Vice Presidential Office • Have accessibility to record and post videos

  15. 15 Call to Action! • Register as a Candidate at • Create your 2-3 minute Primaries video, announcing your candidacy and explaining why YOU should be elected Virtual President. Include specific points from guidelines provided. • Begin to rally your parents, family, friends, mentors, organizations, etc. around your campaign, and begin building your popular following. • Check your email periodically for tips and guidance from the National Virtual Election Headquarters.

  16. 16 In Closing In the National Virtual President Elections there are four winners and no losers.  In addition to the rewards and prizes, all participants grow in competence.  The elected Virtual President and Virtual Vice President will hold their offices for a one year term in 2015. During this time, the NSL’s PR & Marketing firm will arrange for paid appearances around the nation for our Virtual Officials to continue sharing their messages to the American people and the World..

  17. 17 In Closing "The Virtual Presidential and Vice Presidential election is an engaging way to inspire young achievers to become leaders," said Akeem Ogle, CEO & Project Ambassador of VPE. "We've developed this unique, non-partisan competition and educational initiative to give the ‘Next Gen’ a head start to their journey to excellence.

  18. 18 In the words of our founder – James Orin Ogle “If we cultivate our youth to reach for the highest office in the land – the top branch of the tree, and they miss it, any branch they grab on the way down would be a safe landing.”

  19. 19 /virtualelections @virtualvote @vpelections