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Julius Caesar Perceptions

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Julius Caesar Perceptions. Ali Al- Mutairi Ayob Ben Nakhi Dalia Badih Hamad Al-Salem. Julius Caesar – Sees:. Rome as a glorious country. Most of the citizens as loyal and respectful. Battles should be fought in order to expand Rome’s reign and power.

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julius caesar perceptions

Julius Caesar Perceptions

Ali Al-Mutairi

Ayob Ben Nakhi

Dalia Badih

Hamad Al-Salem

julius caesar sees
Julius Caesar – Sees:
  • Rome as a glorious country.
  • Most of the citizens as loyal and respectful.
  • Battles should be fought in order to expand Rome’s reign and power.
  • Evil around him, but he can’t prove it, such as Cassius.
  • Antonius as his loyal friend.
  • Is superstitious, positively where he chooses to disregard bad superstitions.
  • His position is helping Rome to flourish
caesar does not see
Caesar – Does not see:
  • Rome descending into chaos with the two sides forming (some with Pompey others with him.)
  • That some citizens choose to go against him and spread that idea.
  • The bad intentions in some of the people around him because of their deceitfulness
  • Some of the closest people around him are actually his enemies (Hint hint, Casca.. And later on, Brutus.)
  • Fighting battles away from Rome gives his enemies the chance to plan attacks and betray him, as the case is with the battle against Pompey.
  • The conspiracies and evils around him, such as those aroused by Cassius.
revealed about caesar
Revealed about Caesar:
  • Brave
  • Arrogant
  • Full of pride
  • Superstitious positively
  • Trusts people easily
  • He is a very brave, strong man (military wise), however, he does not see the consequences of taking some actions which is one of the causes of his death at the end. Also, his believe and trustfulness of people around him leads to his death where he didn’t differentiate between the truly good and evil.
casca sees
Casca – Sees:
  • Caesar refusing the crown is an act to gain more love from the citizens. Evidence: p29, where Casca compares the Romans to a crowd watching a play, being entertained.”
  • Consequences of going against Caesar at the moment.
  • Going with Cassius is better for Rome. Evidence: “Be factious for redress for all these grieves, and I will set this foot of mine as far as who goes farthest.”P43
  • That Romans are like captives and restricted under Caesar’s rule. Evidence: “So every bondman in his own hand bears the power to cancel his captivity.” p41
  • Doesn’t like Caesar or support him, but doesn’t show that for fear of consequences. Evidence: “I durst not laugh.” pg29
casca does not see
Casca– Does Not See:
  • Julius Caesar as a good king
  • Evidence/Quotes:P.29 “Caesar refused the crown that it had almost choked Caesar.”
revealed about casca
Revealed about Casca:
  • That he is deceptive and secretive, where he shows that he likes Caesar when he is actually against him.
  • He is really against Caesar being king.
brutus sees
Brutus – Sees:
  • That Cassius is trying to get him to do something and become king. (sees where Cassius is trying to lead him) Evidence: Pg19 “Into what dangers are you leading me into, Cassius.”
  • However, he also starts to fall for the facts and points made by Cassius, where at the end, he asks Cassius to meet again.
  • Loves and honors Caesar as a friend.
  • The positive good side resulting from removing Caesar from his throne where it benefits Rome.
  • Cassius as a friend.
  • Honor as a great needed quality. Evidence: Pg 19 “I love the name of honor more than I fear death.”
brutus does not see
Brutus – Does Not See:
  • The risks of removing Caesar from kingship, where Rome could be ruled by another tyrant.
  • Caesar as worthy enough of being king and fears that even though he respects him.

“What means this shouting? I do fear, the people choose Caesar for their king.”

revealed about brutus
Revealed about Brutus:
  • He is Smart and aware and takes caution when first approached by Cassius. However, he tends to agree with Cassius and considers what he is saying because of his ways of speech and because he views him as a friend. This shows that he is not completely loyal to Caesar as a leader and can change easily to oppose him.
antony sees
Antony – Sees:
  • Caesar as a good ruler that should stay.
  • Whatever Caesar says should be done.
  • Loyalty to Caesar is very important.
  • Evidence: “I shall remember. When Caesar says “Do this,” it is performed.” p.15 line 12
antony does not see
Antony – Does Not See:
  • The evils surrounding Caesar. Evidence: “Don’t worry about Cassius, he is a noble Roman.”
revealed about antony
Revealed about Antony:
  • He is a very honorable, loyal man that sticks to his position and doesn’t stab his leaders in the back when they need him.
cassius sees
Cassius – Sees:
  • The throne and leadership position to not belong to Caesar.
  • That Rome should not have a king or Dictator but stay as a Republic.
  • Caesar’s growing popularity as a threat and after becoming king that he should be removed from the position. Evidence: “Age, thou art shamed!” pg 41
  • Caesar not worthy as king, and it is better for Rome to not have one king.

Evidence: Brutus: “What means this shouting? I do fear, the people choose Caesar for their king.”

To which Cassius replies “Ay, do you fear it? Then must I think you would not have it so.”

cassius does not see
Cassius – Does Not See:
  • That Caesar doubts him.
  • That Caesar has power, and that Caesar is a strong leader.
  • The possibility of revolt within the citizens or Rome, if Caesar is removed.
revealed about cassius
Revealed about Cassius:
  • Skilled in ways of speech, Cassius uses language and methods that deceive other characters. He is smart and cunning and very deceitful and manipulative. He can turn people around and make them change their loyalties (from Caesar to someone else.) These traits allowed him to live within the society and be in politics without exposing his true bad intentions. He is like a spy that operates from the inside of the Senate and Rome etc…