the real man the play the characters n.
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Julius Caesar

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The Real Man The Play The Characters. Julius Caesar. A historic figure who lived from 100 to 44 BC Military Leader and Ruler of Rome Statues currently exist in museums today Caesar’s biography was written in Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

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Julius Caesar

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the real man the play the characters
The Real Man

The Play

The Characters

Julius Caesar

julius caesar the real man

A historic figure who lived from 100 to 44 BC

Military Leader and Ruler of Rome

Statues currently exist in museums today

Caesar’s biography was written in Plutarch’sLives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

Caesar was assassinated by his fellow senators in 44 BC

Multitude of cultural references exist for Caesar

Julius Caesar – The Real Man
julius caesar the play

Shakespeare retained many facts from Plutarch’s biography of Caesar, Antony and Brutus

But he added, deleted and altered to suit his dramatic purposes

Took 3 years and telescoped it into 6 days of action

Speeches in the Forum (famous lines in the play by Brutus and Antony) – no historical precedent

Julius Caesar – The play
julius caesar the play1

The emotional and fickle mob – Shakespeare’s creation to add drama

Characters of Casca, Octavius, Portia and Calpurnia – greatly expanded by Shakespeare

The raw material of the real historic figure of Julius Caesar is true in the play

BUT the finished product is entirely Shakespeare’s creation

Julius caesar – the play
the play

Characteristics of Shakespearean Tragedy

Tragedy: a drama in which a series of actions leads to the downfall of the main character

Tragic Hero: usually the title character – but in Julius Caesar not so

The tragic hero is a person of high rank, whose fate has an impact on society

Hero has a Tragic Flaw – a fatal error in judgment, a weakness in character that contributes to his/her downfall

THE play
the play1

Soliloquies (asides) – speeches given by an actor alone on state that express thoughts that are hidden from the other characters

“Beware the Ides of March” – famous line, but a real reference to a date on the calendar – March 15th

The play
the characters of the play
The characters of the play

Julius Caesar and his wife Calpurnia

brutus and cassius
Brutus and Cassius

Marcus Brutus


characters of the play

Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony)

Characters of the play


giving his famous speech

to the people of Rome

in Act 3 Scene 2

Act 1

Runner in the Lupercal Games

touch Calpurnia for good luck

the characters
The characters

In Act 3 Scene 1 – the conspirators assassinate Caesar

The conspirators:

Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Trebonius, Caius Ligarius, Decius Brutus,

MetellusCimber, Cinna (not the poet)

the characters1
The characters

In Act 1 Scene 2 – a Soothsayer (fortune teller) warns Caesar to beware of the 15th of March – known as “the Ides of March”

famous quotes caesar
Famous Quotes - Caesar
  • “I could be well moved if I were as you.If I could pray to move, prayers would move me.But I am constant as the Northern Star…”

“Et tu Brute”

famous quote antony
Famous Quote - Antony
  • “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.The evil that men do lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones;So let it be with Caesar.”