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DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors PowerPoint Presentation
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DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

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DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors. 10/5/11. Who are we?. 35% achievement gap. 79,060 students. 53% graduation rate. 70% FRL. Endless possibilities. Where are we going?. 3.5% annual increase in literacy and math. 73% graduation rate by 2013.

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DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

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who are we
Who are we?

35% achievement




53% graduation rate



Endless possibilities.

where are we going
Where are we going?

3.5% annual increase in literacy and math

73% graduation rate by 2013

3.5% annual decrease in achievement gap

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

where are we starting from
Where are we starting from?
  • McKinsey group evaluation
    • Systems
    • Data architecture
    • Project management
    • Network strength
  • Understand data and resource needs
    • Principals
    • Teachers
    • Students
dps executive vision
DPS Executive Vision

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

focus groups and interviews
Focus groups and Interviews
  • 20 principals met monthly
  • 1-on-1 interviews
  • 30 teachers met quarterly
  • 150 principals and teachers scored vendors
  • Team led by CAO submitted final recommendation
what we heard
What we heard…

Timely access to data!

Single place to access systems

Meaningful and actionable reports

Access to curricular resources

destination digital doors
Destination: Digital Doors
  • Principal Portal
  • Teacher Portal
  • Parent and Student Portal

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

understanding customers
Understanding Customers

Data gathering and analysis



what s included in teacher portal
What’s included in Teacher Portal?
  • SIS data
    • Enrollment and grade history (6 yrs and building)
    • Student contacts and demographics
    • Program enrollment information (SpED, GT, 504, ELL options)
  • Assessment data
    • Standardized tests: CSAP, CELA, DRA2/EDL2, SRI, MAPS, ACT
    • Interim/benchmark and predictive assessments
    • End of course assessments
    • Coming soon:
      • Progress monitoring (STAR, DRA2 Tango)
      • Teacher created assessment
  • Curriculum
    • ECE to 12 core subjects
    • ECE to 12 specials
    • Teacher’s guides, handouts, etc.
    • Online lesson planner

“Whenever I have the opportunity during the busy school day, I go into Schoolnet to review how teachers are using curriculum and instruction in their classroom, and how they assign students for intervention groups (SMART Goals). With teachers on Formal Evaluation, I ask them to ‘teach me’ how they navigate their lesson plans and how they organize their small group instruction using the tool.”

- Khoa Nguyen, Principal Ellis Elementary

6 th grade teacher
6th Grade Teacher

“By having access to class trends and specific student strengths and weaknesses, I can more accurately plan for the needs of my students and focus more on that content where my students are struggling. It also allows for more effective intervention grouping and planning so I can really target the students that need some more attention.”

–Tori Miller, Harrington Elementary

financial support
Financial Support
  • Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
  • Broad Foundation
  • Anschutz Family Foundation
  • 2008 General Obligation Bond
  • General funds

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

learning from others
Learning from others
  • Leveraged experiences of other districts
  • Performance management
  • Portal development
  • Instructional management tools

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

packing for the trip
Packing for the trip
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Strong team
  • Funding secured
  • Focus group direction
  • Defined requirements
  • Technology solution
  • Deployment strategy
  • Training and support plan




Focus groups

Build Portal

Test Portal

Pilot Admin Portal

Launch Admin Portal

Oct 08-Jan 09

Jan 08-Oct 08

Grant application

Receive grant

Focus groups

Select vendor and build Portal

Test Portal

Pilot Teacher Portal

Launch Teacher Portal

Oct 09-Sept 10

Sep-Jan 08

July 08-July 09

blazing new trails
Blazing new trails
  • Vendor relationships played a key role in the project implementation
  • Pushing boundaries

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

professional development
Professional development
  • Train the trainer model
  • Utilized existing resources
  • Opened the doors
  • Phased approach
  • On-site at schools
  • High quality materials
  • Differentiated instruction
  • School-based Teacher Portal Experts

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors

key benefits
Key benefits
  • Day one instruction
  • Fidelity to curriculum
  • Planning is based on data
  • Flexible and informative small group instruction
  • Help for new teachers
what would we do differently
What would we do differently?
  • Do not assume data-driven culture
  • Administrators lead integration into school processes
  • Set expectations of use
  • Integrate best practices of data use and instruction into training

Our next destination…

  • Online/frequent assessments
  • Teacher effectiveness program (LEAP)
  • RtI Automation (ABC Toolkit)
  • Parent and Student Portals

DPS’ Journey to the Digital Doors


Megan Marquez

Director of Performance Management Programs

megan_marquez@dpsk12.org, 720-423-3429

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