Life after up going to work
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Life after UP: Going to Work. By Cassie Coco and Charlotte Pritchett. Agenda for Today. Introduction Finding a job Making the most of benefits Review the effect of earned income on benefits The services of the UP program vocational component. Finding a Job.

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Life after up going to work

Life after UP: Going to Work

By Cassie Coco and Charlotte Pritchett

Agenda for today
Agenda for Today

  • Introduction

  • Finding a job

  • Making the most of benefits

  • Review the effect of earned income on benefits

  • The services of the UP program vocational component

Finding a job
Finding a Job

  • Your participant will have job experiences to help when leaving the UP Program

  • If they lose that job they will need resources for getting another one

  • Following are some of these:

    • Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

    • Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network (EARN)

    • Ticket to Work

Vocational rehabilitation services
Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Provides services for people with disabilities to assist in finding employment, including:

  • Technology assessments, equipment and software to assist with work

  • Vocational assessments

  • Financial support for training

  • Job sampling

Vr continued
VR continued

  • Help finding a job

  • Training for a specific job

  • Supported employment/job coach

  • Long term follow up

  • Paid, 4 month internships

    *VR contact information found on the Resource People and Agencies sheet

Employer assistance and recruiting network earn
Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network (EARN)

  • Offers assistance to employment service providers and job seekers

  • Provides job leads from employers wanting to hire people with disabilities

  • Toll free # 1-866-EARN-now (1-866-327-6669)


Ticket to work
Ticket to Work

  • For SSI recipients ages 18 to 64

  • The Ticket to Work can be used to find a job through VR or any other Employment Network (EN):

    • job referrals

    • skills and job training

    • employment support/job coaching

    • No reevaluation of SSI eligibility

Ticket to work cont
Ticket to Work Cont.

  • You should have been sent a Ticket to Work when you qualified for SSI or when you turned 18.

  • You may request another one

  • Contact: Ticket Call Center: 1-866-968-7842 or

Making the most of your income and benefits
Making the Most of Your Income and Benefits

  • Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS)

  • Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE)

  • Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) of benefits

Pass program
PASS Program

  • A work incentive plan that allows person receiving SSI to set aside otherwise countable income for a specified period of time

  • The money can be set aside to achieve a goal:

    For school, tools, transportation, uniforms, computer, etc. to help you get a job

    * Must develop a written plan to submit

  • Contact:

Impairment related work expenses irwe
Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE)

  • Cost of items may be deducted from your earned income for SSI payment purposes

  • Items or services that allow you to work: transportation, job coach, wheelchairs ramps, prosthesis, routine medications and services, service animal.

  • Cost of services must be reasonable

  • No other agency or benefit can pay expenses.htm

Expedited reinstatement of benefits exr
Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits (EXR)

  • How do you get your benefits back fast if you have lost them because of excess income?

  • Eligible for SSI if you lose your job within 5 years

  • No new application needed

  • EXR allows payments for 6 months while medical review takes place

  • You must still have your original impairment or something related


Services of the up program vocational component
Services of the UP Program Vocational Component Example

  • Career Development Course

  • Networking in the Community

  • Networking with VR

  • Networking with Parents

  • Benefits Analysis courtesy of WORKworld software?

Resources Example

  • WIPA coordinators:

    • Provide work incentives planning and assistance

    • Help families and beneficiaries determine eligibility for federal and state work incentives programs

    • Refer to State VR agencies or Employment Networks

    • Provide information about health benefits once working

    • Contact:

Resources Example

  • 2011 Red Book and 2012 updates: A Summary Guide to Employment Supports for Persons with Disabilities under the Social Security Income Programs