Making connections between leona s kickoff and your end of block classroom practices
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Making connections between Leona’s Kickoff and your end-of-block classroom practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making connections between Leona’s Kickoff and your end-of-block classroom practices. What are the 4 Elements?. Let’s Celebrate. A dozen ideas to get you started celebrating students successes and ‘ Making Their Days ’!. Idea #1. End-of-Block Certificates

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Let s celebrate
Let’s Celebrate

A dozen ideas to get you started celebrating students successes and ‘Making Their Days’!

Idea 1
Idea #1

End-of-Block Certificates

Highlight and celebrate a proud accomplishment of a few students in your class . . . or everyone! Certificates for these accomplishments can be easily and cheaply printed. Btw, you’re not the only one who can do this . . . allow students to write up certificates affirming each other. Issue them privately or host a whole-class recognition ceremony.

Idea 2
Idea #2

Guided Affirmations

Give students the time to reflect on their learning and personal growth over the term. Have them identify achievements of which they are most proud. You can even have them identify areas of growth for the next term and brainstorm ways to build on their successes for the upcoming block/quarter.

Idea 3
Idea #3

Student or Whole Class

Wordles or or

Idea 4
Idea #4

A Signed Book

Grab a copy of a book and write & sign a personalized message into the front cover that recognizes a student’s accomplishment. Find books that speak to the student’s special interests or extend their areas of study to the next level.

Idea 5
Idea #5

Word Certificate Ceremonies

Find a special word that affirms each and every student in your class. The word should be uniquely tailored to the student’s experience/growth/accomplishment for the term and should be an academic vocabulary builder. Present each one to every student and explain why you chose it. Consider allowing space for peers to add additional words of affirmation!

Idea 6
Idea #6

Celebratory Class Animoto, Prezi, or Power Point show

Idea 7
Idea #7

Digital Scrapbook or Slideshow

Idea 8
Idea #8

Procure and Deliver Customized Summer/After School/College Info

Nothing says you care like providing a vision for a student’s future! Research places within or outside of your school where a student can nurture a skill/gift or pursue a beloved interest. Giving information to the student and/or parent can give a positive, powerful boost that can change a life.

Idea 9
Idea #9

Self-Esteem Jar

Many of our students thrive in our school environments but wither when they leave. Provide self-esteem support on the go! Collaborate with other teachers and/or students to write affirmations that celebrate a student’s successes, strengths, and contributions . . . pretty scrapbooking paper and a decorative container (jar/vase/box) really add a special touch!

Idea 10
Idea #10

Whole-Class EventField Trip and/or Guest Speaker

Idea 11
Idea #11

SPES Handprints Project

How can you support and/or help build recognition programs outside of your four walls?Get active and involved!!

Idea 12
Idea #12

Unsolicited Letter of RecommendationAll of our students can use letters of recommendation! Whether leveraging them for a job, a scholarship application, a college application, a special summer program or just affirming their accomplishments, these letters are like gold to kids! They are even sweeter when not requested. Get digital or professionally printed letterhead and print on very polished paper (and make 5-10 copies)!


  • Gift cards for TAs/Exceptional students

  • Juicebox treats and math bingo for whole class

  • Signed CD

  • Tiny Token (whole school PAHS)

  • Athletic equipment

  • Dance for whole class (running man)

  • Beard-shaving honor

  • Student wish list for classroom with vote

  • Video gifts

  • Digital copies of student work

  • ‘Regifted’ graphing calculators

  • Whole-class snack

  • Game day

  • ‘Most’ awards (most likely to)

  • ‘Real’ cookies

  • Summer challenge

  • “The Places You’ll Go”

  • Write/perform a rap song

  • Perform a special dance

More ideas
More Ideas!

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