3d cable harnessing on onespace design modeling
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3D Cable Harnessing on OneSpace Design Modeling

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3D Cable Harnessing on OneSpace Design Modeling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3D Cable Harnessing on OneSpace Design Modeling. http://www.mip.hu. August 2004 * Data subject to change. Introduction to MIP. MIP (Manufacturing Integration Products) founded in 1994, is the general distributor of CoCreate and CIM-TEAM products for Eastern-Europe.

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3d cable harnessing on onespace design modeling

3D Cable Harnessing on OneSpace Design Modeling


August 2004 * Data subject to change

introduction to mip
Introduction to MIP
  • MIP (Manufacturing Integration Products) founded in 1994, is the general distributor of CoCreate and CIM-TEAM products for Eastern-Europe.
  • With our offices in Hungary, Turkey, Estonia and authorized channel-partners in several Eastern-European countries we are only focused to professional CAD/CAM/PDM products and professional add-on modules for OneSpace products.

Last year MIP was able to expand CoCreate sales orders by 58% and increase the number of installed base customers in Eastern-Europe significantly.

spacecable features
SpaceCable features
  • Different cable types (Incl. flat cables)
  • Rigid and flexible cabling
  • Auto-snap connections
  • Interface to E-CAD systems
  • Library management
  • Manufacturing module (with Ver. 2)
  • User definable bundles with any shape
  • Manual and Automatic routing (channel routing)
  • Dynamic cabling
  • Automatic calculations like wire lengths, channel thicknesses    
  • BOM     
  • PDM integration     
  • Realistic visualization of Harnesses  
spacecable terminology
SpaceCable Terminology
  • A Harness is a 3D model comprising of routed wires, cables, and bundles in an assembly with all of the related informations.
  • A Cable is two or more conductors which are contained in the same jacket.
  • A Wire is a cable with a single conductor.
  • A Conductor is an internal current carrying entity within a cable.
  • A Bundle is a group of cables and wires that are sheathed together.
  • A Jacket is the outer covering of a cable or bundle, that is resistant to environmental hazards and used to protect cable component(s)  
  • A Route is the path that a wire, cable, or bundle follows on an assembly model.
rigid and flexible cables
Rigid and Flexible Cables

Rigid cables

Flexible Cables

autosnap functionality
AutoSnap Functionality

Users can interactively define components and their counterparts by defining mate faces on both components and counterparts.

autosnap functionality8
AutoSnap Functionality

… once selected, components automatically “snap” to their counterparts without user interaction


Wires build cables, cables build bundles , bundles build harnesses …

  • SpaceCable supports different structures
  • Wires
  • Cables
  • Bundles
  • Channels
  • Harnesses

Special Cable Types

  • Round
  • Linear Pattern
  • Rectangular
  • Flat
  • …..

Example: Multi-wire cables 1 – 12 cores


Example: Linear Pattern cables

Number of cores free definable in horizontal and vertical directions


Example: User defined Bundles

A user defined bundle consists of several round wires and cables with different radii.


Example: User defined Bundles

User defined geometry is simply stored as Workplane in a directory together with its bitmap image.Display Table is created automatically at run-time.

analysis of a harness project
Analysis of a harness project
  • 10 % Administration and preparation of components
  • 80 % Cable routing
  • 10 % Post processing and verification
80 of time needed for routing
80 % of time needed for routing

Biggest potential for efficiency increase !

How to create routing paths efficiently ?

routing types
Routing Types
  • Manual routing On a single face ( planar, cylindrical )
  • From face to face ( bend radius )
  • From face to ‘space’
  • In ‘space’ ( Rigid vs. Flexible cables )Channel routingAuto-routing through predefined channels
manual routing
Manual Routing

Simply click points on a face to define the cable route ...

manual routing20
Manual Routing

…go from face to face by simply clicking one point on each face ...

1. point

2. point


manual routing21
Manual Routing

…SpaceCable rolls automatically perpendicular over bothinternal and external edges ...

manual routing23
Manual Routing

Move core end point to any point ...

manual routing24
Manual Routing

Bring single cores automatically together …

manual routing25
Manual Routing

... use the option ‘Create as single’

... or re-bundle existing single cables

manual routing26
Manual Routing

... to route multiple cables easy as single cable ...

manual routing27
Manual Routing

... and re-split anytime to route single cores separately

SpaceCable ‘remembers’ original structure !

manual routing28
Manual Routing

…and can be “splitted” or “bundled” anytime during modelling

manual routing29
Manual Routing

…even flat cables can be easily splitted and bundled together!

channel routing
Channel Routing

If you have several parallel cables going in one direction

channel routing31
Channel Routing

Define 3D polygonal channels for routing

channel routing32
Channel Routing

Modify the channels with simple commands …

channel routing33
Channel Routing

… like making parallel to edges

channel routing34
Channel Routing
  • Select object to be routed (wire.cable or bundle)
  • Select any 2 points
  • The shortest path between these pointson the channelis automaticallyfound and the objectis routed.
channel routing35
Channel Routing
  • Auto-Fillet the object with a simple click
channel routing36
Channel Routing
  • Put several objects (wires,cables,bundles) into one channel of any complexity.Objects may havedifferent fillet radii.
dynamic cabling
Dynamic Cabling

Cables and wires are modified full dynamically similar to the Dynamic Modeling concept of OneSpace Designer

Interface to E-CAD systems

SpaceCable can read and write data from/to any E-CAD systems, which are capable of preparing wire lists in a special ASCII format. After cable and connector data is read, devices are checked for existence and an air-net cabling connection is built automatically from pin to pin. With SpaceCable functionality users can modify air-nets to 3D harnesses.

E-CAD Color Mapping File

are simple ASCII files

E-CAD Interface

Connectors are placed interactively or automatically

E-CAD Interface

SpaceCable checks OSDM model space automatically and finds out which devices are already placed – and which ones user must still load to the model

E-CAD Interface

By simply selecting from the “Not Placed” list, users can load and position connectors within one menu.

E-CAD Interface

Loaded pkg-parts get automatically new names assigned “Connector_Device name“

E-CAD Interface

After all devices are loaded into model space …

E-CAD Interface

A straight or tangential airnet connection can be made.

electrical library
Electrical Library
  • Hundreds of electrical components in OSDM format
  • Powerful librarian for fixture and pin definitions
electrical library52
Electrical Library
  • LISP driven clamps
electrical library53
Electrical Library

SpaceCable stores and manages different types of components like wires, cables, user defined bundles, connectors and other harness elements…

development milestones

Development Milestones

…path to first customer shipments

  • September 2004 – Beta version ( Release candidate )
  • October 2004 – Version 1.0
where can i see the current version
Where can I see the current version ?
  • To be a beta-test partner and have influence on product functionality and development cycle please contact MIP or your reseller.
  • For a working installation contact MIP for demo software and codewords
MIP Developments for OneSpace Designer

MEGenius:2D Standard Parts Library + Productivity Tools for ME10

SolidGenius:3D Standard Parts Library + Productivity Tools for OneSpace Designer Modeling

ME10-EEE:Eastern-European Extensions for ME10

OneSpace HVAC:3D design and flattening of components for heating,ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • ME-HASCO:HASCO Library for ME10
  • OneSpace HASCO:HASCO Library for OneSpace Designer Modeling
  • SpacePipe:3D Piping module for OneSpace Designer Modeling
  • SpaceCable:3D Cable Harnessing module for OneSpace Designer Modeling
product structure
Product Structure



Electrical CAD

SpaceCable Manufacturing


Electrical Library

ordering informations
Ordering Informations

M355L SpaceCable Design


M360L SpaceCable Manufacturing

M365L SpaceCable Electrical Library

M370L SpaceCable E-CAD Interface

support products
Support Products

M355A    SpaceCable Design 1 year of supportM360A    SpaceCable Manufacturing 1 year of support

M365A SpaceCable Electrical Library 1 year of supportM370A SpaceCable E-CAD Interface 1 year of supportM355T    SpaceCable Introduction training (2 days)M360T    SpaceCable Advanced training (2 days) 

M355C    SpaceCable consulting