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Kindergarten Readiness 2011-2012. Seven Hills Classical Academy. Kindergarten Tips. Help your child succeed in school Read aloud to your child each day Talk to your child about things around you and what you are doing Count objects and practice counting

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kindergarten tips
Kindergarten Tips

Help your child succeed in school

Read aloud to your child each day

Talk to your child about things around you and what you are doing

Count objects and practice counting

Point to numbers on signs, houses or in books, practice writing the numbers

Ask your child to point to pictures as you identify the pictures

Make sure your child sees you read and write

Write, display and point out your child’s name often

Point out words

Help your child recognize and name numbers and recognize basic shapes and colors

Encourage your child to read and write

Helpful SkillsChildren will adjust quickly and get the maximum benefit from kindergarten by being able to do the things listed below:

Tie shoes

Recite full name, address, and telephone number

Put on and fasten a coat, remove it, and hang it in an orderly way

Use tissue properly

Use the toilet properly and fasten clothes

Be quiet when someone else is talking

Show respect for authority

Say “yes” and “no”, “please” and “thank you” at the proper times

Respect the care of toys and materials and put them away when they are through with them

Listen to stories being read

Share and play with others

kindergarten curriculum
Kindergarten Curriculum

• Math – Singapore Math - Your child will learn

about patterns, counting, size comparisons,

shapes, days of the week, time, addition,

subtraction, graphing, money, estimation and

positional words

• Reading/Phonics – Hampton Brown - Your child will

learn individual sounds that make up our language.

He/She will learn how to write the letters

and combinations associated with those

sounds, identify rhyming words and read and

write simple words. New vocabulary

words and listening comprehension skills will

be taught daily alongside communicating

ideas that demonstrate understanding

through discussions and hands-on activities

• Core Knowledge Science, History and Geography -

Your child will learn about Human Body, Plants,

Magnets, Seasons and Weather, Taking Care of

the Earth, Animals and Their Needs, Early Exploration

and Settlement, Native American People Past and

Present, Spatial Sense, Presidents Past and Present

and Symbols and Figures.

• Core Knowledge Language Arts – Your child will learn

Mother Goose and other traditional poems, Aesop's

Fables, Classic Stories and Core Knowledge Sayings

and Phrases.

• Writing - Your child will use Zaner-Bloser

Handwriting and Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop.

tips to help with summer learning
Tips to help with summer learning

Here are 35 words your child will need to know (read and write) by the end of kindergarten

a, and, are, can, do, for, from, go, has, have, he, here, I, into, is, like, love, me, my, of, one, play, said, see, she, the, this, to, two, was, we, what, where, with, you.

You can work with your child over the summer on verbally and visually recognizing these words

Read out loud to your child and involve the child in other reading activities.

Practice writing their first name using capital first letter followed by lowercase letters.

Practice handwriting using the Zaner-Bloser sample page.

Get your child used to regular sleeping patterns, following basic instructions, scheduled routines, sharing, and positive interactions with others. These habits will help them with social transition to the kindergarten school day.