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Classical Academy High School Independent Study

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Classical Academy High School Independent Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classical Academy High School Independent Study. Independent Study Options. Family : full independent study ( My Courses , self-selected classes, etc.) Blended : a mixture of studio classes and independent study options

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independent study options
Independent Study Options
  • Family: full independent study (My Courses, self-selected classes, etc.)
  • Blended: a mixture of studio classes and independent study options
  • Concurrent Enrollment: community college classes that provide both high school and college credit

Curriculum Options:

  • My Courses
  • Self-selected Curriculum
  • Outside “vendors”
curriculum options option 1

Curriculum OptionsOption #1

My Courses--UC/CSU approved courses that CAHS offers online to parallel our Studio courses

if you are using my courses

If you are using My Courses

Curriculum has been designed by credentialed teachers and meets state subject-area standards.

Course meets UC/CSU a-g requirements.

Course requires weekly meetings and/or contact with Studio teacher or ES.

CAHS teacher grades all work and assigns end-of-term grade.

Cost will be covered from Curriculum Spending Budget.

access to my courses curriculum
Access to My Courses Curriculum

Step 1:

Go to

access to my courses curriculum1
Access to My Courses Curriculum
  • Step 2: Click CAHS--lower right corner of page.
access to my courses curriculum2
Access to My Courses Curriculum

Step 3: Click Sign in (at top right).

access to my courses curriculum3
Access to My Courses Curriculum

Step 4: log in.

  • User name = student first and last name, no space and no capitals
  • Password = student ID number
access to my courses curriculum4
Access to My Courses Curriculum

Step 5: Click My Wikis (top right) to see a list of the online CAHS courses in which you are enrolled.

my courses advice

My Courses Advice

Take the initiative to contact your studio teacher(s). Don’t wait for him/her to contact you.

Introduce yourself by email or by phone.

Make sure the studio teacher has enrolled you in the course so that it appears on your My Wikis list when you log in.

Set up a weekly appointment time to see your studio teacher. If ever you need to miss, contact the teacher.

math online through aleks

Math online through ALEKS

Online math curriculum developed by cognitive scientists and software engineers at UC Irvine and meeting state subject-area standards

Algebra I and II, geometry, and pre calculus meet UC/CSU a-g requirements.

Studio teacher and/or ES will set quarterly objectives and performance goals, based on state standards, and will determine end-of-term grade.

Course requires weekly meetings and/or contact with Studio teacher or ES math teacher.

Access found online through

Cost will be covered through Curriculum Spending Budget.

Again, contact teacher to find out how to get started.

math online through aleks1

Math online through ALEKS

These credentialed math teachers will be supervising students using the ALEKS math curriculum:

pe through my courses

PE through My Courses

All 9th and 10th graders take state-mandated PE.

Elective PE is an option for 11th/12th graders.

Each quarter, there are several PE assignments to complete, which address state fitness standards.

PE assignments are accessed online through CAHS icon at -- My Wikis

Login: student name (firstlast) plus ID number

In addition, students will keep a PE log that records 200 minutes of exercise per week.

CAHS cohort teacher will grade all work and assign end-of-term grade.

PE grade is pass/fail, based on quality and completeness of work.

curriculum options option 2

Curriculum OptionsOption #2

Self-Selected Curriculum

Courses with parent-selected curriculum

May include electives designed to fit your teenager’s interest

if you are using self selected curriculum

If you are using Self-selected Curriculum

Parent meets with ES to select non-sectarian materials and/or textbooks.

Prior to the start of each quarter, parent and ES will decide on quarter objectives--based on state standards.

Parent grades all work. Together, parent and ES assign end-of-term grade.

ES will collect non-sectarian work samples that demonstrate mastery of state standards and predetermined course objectives.

Cost for the purchase of non-sectarian materials will be covered by Curriculum Spending Budget.

Parent, student, and ES will meet every 4-5 weeks.

Course will NOT meet UC/CSU a-g requirements.

for self selected curriculum

For Self-selected Curriculum

Each course requires the keeping of a daily work log, which looks something like this:

You will email an updated copy every week (or as decided) to ES.

credentialed supervisors for self selected curriculum

Credentialed Supervisors for Self-selected Curriculum

This year, subject-area-specific teachers will be supervising all Independent Study courses using self-selected curriculum:

curriculum options option 3

Curriculum OptionsOption #3

Courses taken through outside “vendors”:

(who may or may not issue credits and a letter grade)

Community college courses

Self-selected courses from other vendors: Great Books, Keystone High School, Futures High School, co-ops, etc.

community college

Student must receive prior approval from CAHS administration.

  • Student may take no more than 2 college courses a term.
  • Course # must be 100 level or higher to be UC transferable (for dual credit).
  • 3 college units = 10 high school units; 1.5 college = 5 high school
  • With approval, cost of textbooks may be reimbursed at the end of the course, providing money is available in student’s Curriculum Spending Budget.
  • Student must supply CAHS with a grade transcript to verify course was taken.

Community College

other vendors

Student must receive prior approval from CAHS administration and/or ES.

  • With approval, non-sectarian textbooks may be paid for by student’s Curriculum Spending Budget, provided money is available.
  • If vendor issues credits and provides a transcript, student must supply CAHS with a grade transcript to verify course was taken.
  • If vendor does NOT issue credit, procedures for self-selected curriculum will be followed, including working with ES to establish objectives based on state standards, keeping a daily work log, submitting graded work samples, and determining end-of-term grade with ES.

Other “Vendors”



To be considered a CAHS student, every student must be enrolled in at least 2 CAHS courses per term (totaling a minimum or 15 credits) and a minimum of at least 30 credits per year.

Classes from a community college and other outside vendors that issue credits do not count toward these 30 credits.


Spending Budgets

Good news, since money doesn’t grow on trees . . .

is curriculum spending budget
IS Curriculum Spending Budget
  • May be used for
  • My Courses options (supervised by CAHS studio teacher or ES)
  • Purchasing self-selected non-sectarian materials
  • Dual-enrollment textbooks

Elective Spending Budget ONLY available for FULL independent study:

There’s no place like home . . . ! :)


Elective Spending

FULL TIME independent study students:

  • Elective spending account helps pay for extra-curricular activities/classes


  • classes of at least 5 students
  • Must receive prior approval from ES
  • Submit receipts from August - May
  • Reimbursement of $55 per month up to $550
  • Must be non-sectarian
reading logs
Reading Logs
  • Student must read at least 20 minutes daily: SSR, textbooks, recreational, etc.
  • Keep a record of daily reading on reading log.
  • Parent initials each day reading occurs.
conferences every 4 5 weeks
Conferences every 4-5 weeks
  • Bring completed Reading logs and PE logs (if taking PE).
  • For parent-selected curriculum:
  • Bring ALL completed work, already graded, and organized chronologically by subject.
  • Every assignment MUST have a heading with name, assignment, subject, and date (no weekend or holiday dates, please).
  • Bring completed Daily Progress Logs, which record daily work and grades.
  • End of the quarter--be ready to discuss the next quarter’s learning objectives.
available resources
Available Resources:
  • Access to credentialed staff
  • Academic counseling through cohort teacher and Director of Student Services
  • ASB Activities and clubs
  • CIF Sports
  • Monday Learning Labs
  • Choir and Play Production
  • Weekly newsletter
  • State and national standardized testing
sign up for your 1st conference today
Sign up for your 1st conference TODAY!
  • If you are in Mrs. Briggs’s cohort
  • OR
  • If you have at least one course for which you are selecting your own curriculum