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i the beginning of the article n.
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AS is shown in the two pictures…. PowerPoint Presentation
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AS is shown in the two pictures….

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AS is shown in the two pictures….
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AS is shown in the two pictures….

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  1. I:The beginning of the article: 简单描述二幅画 • AS is shown in the two pictures…. • The appearance of the school has been changed a great deal, which surprises my father at the first sight. • Compared with the first picture, the new school has changed a lot. • 3. The new school built in my father’s hometown is magnificent while the school which my father used to study in was very simple.

  2. 4. A new school built in my father’s hometown is greatly different from the old one where my father ever studied. 5. Compared to the old one, the new school becomes more beautiful and modern. No wonder that my father can’t recognize it at the first sight..

  3. II: A Comparison of the old and new school A: Description of the old one: 1.The classroom was very simple and wasn’t furnished with any good equipment.. 2. In the past, my parent’s school was small and lacking in fundamental equipment. They had to study in a crowded dim classroom, which was filled with students from different grades. 3. Lacking teachers is also a big problem. 4. …In addition they were lacking in desks, chairs and even books.

  4. 5. Students always get wet during the raining day. 6. Students in different grades had to have a lesson in the same class because of the lack of teachers and money. 7. Not having enough classroom may decrease the quality of education. 8. It was a rough time when school was badly lacking in teachers.

  5. B: Description of the new school 5. Each classroom has a computer in it, which helps teachers a great deal in teaching. 6. What surprised us most is that every classroom has a computer so that teachers can teach more effectively/vividly and students can learn more about knowledge. 7. Students can study and enjoy themselves in such a breath-taking surroundings, smelling the fragrant flowers as well as listening to the singing of the birds. It looks like a big garden. 8. High buildings, green trees and colorful flowers increase/add to the beauty/charm of the school

  6. 1. Fully-equipped school/clay-made classroom 2. Thousands of books are housed in the big library and every student can swim in the ocean of knowledge. 3. Not only a large playground but also some computer rooms and reading-rooms can be found there. 4. A tall building stands beside the playground with many green trees around it, as if welcoming anyone to school. 5. There are a full range of activitiesintended for students so that they can relax themselves after class.

  7. 9. Every student in the new school treasures the chance to study here, because their new school surrounded by the mountains looks like a big garden. 10. There are colorful flowers, fresh air and green grass, which creates a warm school atmosphere. 11. The main teaching building has eight floors, which has been equipped with computers. TV sets etc. 12. It possesses a lot of multimedia equipment which makes the class more attractive. 13. There are libraries and art rooms open to everyone.

  8. III:相关过渡句 • The new school in my father’s hometown varies in many different aspects. 2. I was shocked because of the differences between my father’s school and the new one in our hometown. 3. It’s much to my delight that a small school turned into a big and beautiful one in a short time. 4. Surrounded by tall trees and colorful flowers, It looks like a great garden. 5. The new school in my father’s hometown is completely different from the old one.

  9. V:结尾 • There is no doubt that the school will become better with time going by 2. It is clear that today’s life is much better. We should treasure the life we possess. 3. It is clear that without people’s hardwork and the local government’s support the school won’t change so much. 4. As a student, they should treasure the opportunity ,for compared to your father and mother, you’ll find how lucky you are.

  10. Possible version As is shown in the two pictures, my father’s hometown has changed greatly in the past twenty years. In the past my father’s school was a big yard with a row of old houses. There was a flag pole standing alone in the yard. Several trees were planted around the houses. There were little sports equipment in it. The new school in my father’s hometownconsists of a tall building and a large playground. All kinds of sports facilities can be seen on the playground. With trees and flowers in the school yardit looks like a big garden. It is clear that the living conditions in our country have changed greatly and so has children’s learning environment