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URI College Student Personnel Program Learning Community PowerPoint Presentation
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URI College Student Personnel Program Learning Community

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URI College Student Personnel Program Learning Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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URI College Student Personnel Program Learning Community

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  1. URI College Student Personnel Program Learning Community

  2. “Learning community: an intentionally developed community that will promote and maximize learning.” Lenning & Ebbers in The Powerful Potential of Learning Communities

  3. The College Student Personnel Learning Community is a masters degree program at URI…

  4. …which prepares students for higher education administrative roles, primarily in student service offices.

  5. The community involves in any given year about 40 students, a core of four faculty, and a network of dozens of practitioners…

  6. …alums, and family members in varying role relationships to one another.

  7. The program recently completed a curriculum revision, and launched (in 1999) a learning community for all its members.

  8. “Collaborative learning calls on levels of ingenuity and inventiveness that many students never knew they had.” Kenneth A. Bruffee in The Art of Collaborative Learning

  9. CSP Learning Community Model

  10. “Everyone a teacher, everyone a learner…all the time.” URI’s CSP Learning Community Motto (6/99)

  11. New Student New Student:Newly entering first year CSP grad student

  12. Coach New Student Coach: A continuing student who pairs up to serve as a supportive community member for the first year of a new student's enrollment; has at least weekly contact

  13. Advisor Coach New Student Advisor: Faculty member who is an academic guide for the new student; this may shift after year 1 depending on the student's selection of capstone option.

  14. Sponsor Advisor Coach New Student Sponsor: A professional supervising an enrolled CSP student in a relationship that is predicated on internship or assistantship site selection.

  15. Advisor Continuing Student New Student Sponsor Continuing Student: The New Student moves into their second year in the program and becomes a Continuing Student. Their Coach typically graduates at the end of their first year.

  16. Mentor Advisor Continuing Student Sponsor Mentor: In second year, an alum who volunteers to work as a preceptor from the field to a continuing student, usually as the student's coach has graduated.

  17. New Student Advisor Mentor Continuing Student Sponsor New Student: The Continuing Student’s role Is reversed and they take on the role of coach for a New Student and the community Is perpetuated

  18. Collaboratory An ongoing series of exchanges between role relationships in the Learning Community which entails regular exchanges of information, skills, networking, and practical knowledge throughout the CSP learning community. These mutual teaching-learning transactions extend learning, fortify membership and belonging, and foster a cohesive, constantly growing community of learners.

  19. “Learning communities are essentially 'communities of inquirers'.” Stephanie Ryan in Learning Communities: An alternative to the "expert" model

  20. For further information contact Gene Knott PhD ABPP at or 401.874.7426