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Salt Lake Community College Student Resources

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Salt Lake Community College Student Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Salt Lake Community College Student Resources.

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Salt Lake Community College Student Resources

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    1. Salt Lake Community CollegeStudent Resources

    2. Student Employment is a great way to stay connected through your job and school.Many campus offer help in finding jobs that work with your schedule . In some cases you may even be able to get a job on campus. If you are already working and have a heavy load you may be eligible to get school credit for your job. You can also attend many job fairs held at several campuses where employers are eager to hire students graduating in a certain degree or are dedicated. Spring Job FairApril 11, 20128:30am - 2:00pmTaylorsville Redwood Campus-Student CenterFor more information contact:Samantha Faupula:

    3. Learning Centers Learning Centers are a great way to get the most our of your education. They provide students with a place to study and utilize the tools the school has on hand like tutoring, learning emporiums with computers, online tutoring, and many more.

    4. Student Centers Students centers are like the social hub of a campus, a place where students, alumni, and even faculty can meet to work, get questions answers, have a bite to eat, relax, or even reserve a room for a meeting. The student center is home to many helpful departments like the Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Cashier, Student Employment, Disability Centers, and even its own little convenience store. Student Center Mission Statement Quality Service to students, colleagues, and the community is our highest priority. We VALUE respect for the individual, honest communication, and a pleasant environment. We PROMOTE professionalism, productivity, integrity, creativity, and personal responsibility.

    5. Academic Advising Center • Whether you are starting school as a new student, returning students, transfer, or even not sure if school is right for you, there are academic advisors available at every campus to help you with your decisions. These knowledgeable advisors are here to walk you through step by step the entire process of becoming a student and registration. They work with you to decide what kind of degree works best for you and get you on the right track. Below are just some examples of what an academic advisor can help you with: • Career and vocational information • Selection of college major and major changes • Degree program and course selection • Class scheduling • Degree requirement • Graduation audits • Transfer of credits from other institutions • Transfer of SLCC credits to others institutions • College credit for work experience • Referral source to multiple services available on campus • For additional information, please visit our Advising Office or call (801) 957-4978.

    6. Disability Resource Centers Salt Lake Community College has a wonderful center to help those that have special learning Circumstances or Disabilities. These centers have academic advisors as well to help you choose the best classes. You can also get assistance with note taking, reading, tutoring, even transportation and proper classroom accommodations. They offer equipment for those who need such as tape recorders, calculators, brail, laptops, specialized keyboards, speller voice equipment for the blind and many many more. They are devoted to helping you achieve the best education socially and academically. REDWOOD CAMPUS 4600 So. Redwood Road Salt Lake City, Utah 84123 Phone: (801) 957-4659 TTY: (801) 957-4646 Fax: (801) 957-4947 Email: SOUTH CITY CAMPUS 1575 South State Street, Room W138 Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 Phone/TTY: (801) 957-3258 Fax: (801) 957-3398 Email: ALL OTHER CAMPUSES Contact Redwood Campus Office Email:

    7. Financial Aid • Financial Aid offices are located at several Salt Lake Community College. • These offices help students through the process of filing out their FAFSA, determining the amount of their tuition and fees, as well as going over any available options to help students pay for college such as: • Federal and State Grants • Federal Student Loans • Federal Work Study • Institutional scholarships • Non-institutional scholarships • Redwood Campus • (801)957-4410 • Miller Campus (801)957-5306South Campus (801)957-3352

    8. Clubs & Organizations Vice President A good way for students to connect with their fellow classmates is to participate in student activities and / or join a club that they might have a similar interest in. Clubs and activities teach students the fundamentals of becoming a leader and enable better social skills in general. If you are not able to find a club or activity that peeks your interest, any student has the opportunity to start their own club, there is a process but in the end it’s a great reference for resumes and a learning experience you wont forget. If you are interested in obtaining information for current clubs or even starting your own visit: Clubs & Organizations Taylorsville Campus, STC 232erik.castaneda@slcc.eduOffice (801) 957-4072 Erik Castaneda

    9. Being healthy is an important part of getting a good education. Salt Lake Community College's understand that and offers several types of Health and Wellness options to students such as: - Medical Clinic 1st visit free $10 co pay every visit after student pays for own labs, tests and medicine if needed -Massage therapy Licensed therapist 1 free 60 minute massage a semester. They book up fast so make appoint quickly $30 hour for all massages -Provide workshops on healthy living -STD Testing Every 1st Wednesday of the month -Counseling Services

    10. Salt Lake Community College’s Thayne Center, created in 1994, is named after a local poet, Emma Thayne. The Thayne Center is a place where students can go to be a bigger part of their community. They offer many options for volunteer services, like a blog listing volunteer opportunities where you can become a Volunteer 2 – 4 hours a month or even find a life long passion toward serving your community. The center also provides advice to students and can help them decide on a career choice. They can also provide resources on service-related scholarships, community work-study jobs, service-learning classes, and more

    11. Library Services Elie is a online Library resource provided by Salt Lake Community College that allows students to easily research millions of books, movies, videos, textbooks, etc….. There is really no limit to what you can accomplish with the resources this site provides. You can download an e-book right to your computer or even create your own online library account to check out a book, CD, movie, whatever you need with out having to go to an actual library. You can search libraries worldwide, find references, rent equipment, contribute to live chats or read their library blog to obtain information. If you were to have a question, the have an option to ask a librarian via text, email or phone Call. Taylorsville Redwood:801-957-4610Jordan: 801-957-6202Miller: 801-957-5412South City: 801-957-3435