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WordSkills : Lesson Eight

WordSkills : Lesson Eight. alg: pain. an alges ic an (lacking) alg (pain) ic (characteristic of) neur alg ia neuro (nerve) alg (pain) ia (state, condition) nost alg ia nosto (home) alg (pain) ia (state, condition). anim : mind, soul, spirit. ani mated

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WordSkills : Lesson Eight

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  1. WordSkills: Lesson Eight

  2. alg: pain • analgesic an (lacking) alg (pain) ic (characteristic of) • neuralgia neuro (nerve) alg (pain) ia (state, condition) • nostalgia nosto (home) alg (pain) ia (state, condition)

  3. anim: mind, soul, spirit • animated anim (spirit) ate (make, do) • inanimate in (no) anim (soul, spirit) ate (make, do) • magnanimous magna (large, great) anim (spirit) ous (full of)

  4. astro:star • asteroid astr (star) oid (resembling) • astrology astr (star) logy (study of) • disaster dis (apart, away) astr (star)—ill fate

  5. cardi:heart • cardiologist cardi(heart) log (study of) ist (one who) • pericardium peri (around) cardi(heart) ium (place where • myocardial myo (muscle) cardi(heart) al (related to)

  6. cogn: know • recognize re (again) cogn (know) ize (make, do) • incognito in (not) cogn (know) • metacognition meta (change) cogn (know) tion (act of)

  7. dent (dont): tooth dentist dent (tooth) ist (one who) indent in (in, into) dent (tooth) periodontics peri (around) dont (tooth) ics (science of)

  8. erg (urge): work, power • energy en (inside, within) erg (power) y (result of) • synergize syn (together) erg (power) ize (make, do) • metallurgist metal (mine) urg (power) ist (one who)

  9. ity: state, quality, act • gravity grav (weight, heavy) ity (state of) • minority minor (small) ity (state of) • sincerity sincerus (pure) ity (quality of)

  10. lect (leg):read, choose • lecturn lect (read)--place for reading • legible leg (read) ible (able) • select se (away, from) lect (choose)

  11. logy: study • ecology eco (house) logy (study)--environment • mythology myth (story)logy (study) • physiology physi (nature) logy (study)—function of organisms

  12. man (manu): hand • manicure man (hand) cur (care) • manual manu (hand)al (related to) • manifest man (hand) fest (made)—

  13. Mob (mot): move • mobile mob (move) ile (capable of, pertaining to) • motivate mot(move) ate (make, cause) • commotion com (together) mot(move) tion (act of)

  14. noc (nox): night • nocturnal nocturnus (night)al (related to) • equinox equi(equal, same) nox(night)—when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are equal • noctambulate noc (night) ambl (walk) ate (make, do)

  15. nov:new • novel nov (new) el (little) • novice nov (new) ice (act, practice of) • renovate re (again) nov (new) ate (make, do)

  16. ortho: straight, standard • orthodox ortho (straight) dox (belief) • orthodontist ortho (straight) dont (tooth) ist (one who) • orthography ortho(straight) graph (write) y (result of)—study of correct spelling

  17. phil : love of, fondness for • philosipher phil (love of) fy (wisdom) er (one who) • philanthropist Phil (love) anthrop (mankind) ist (one who) • philodendron phil (love) dendron (tree)

  18. photo: light • photography photo(light) graph (write, record) y (result of) • photosensive photo (light) sens (feeling) ive (that which) • phototrophic photo (light) troph (grow, nourish) ic (having power or characteristic of)

  19. rect : right • rectify rect (right) fy (make) • rectangle rect (right) angle (angle) • rectitude rect (right) tude (state of)

  20. sed (sid, sess): sit • sediment sed (sit) ment (result of action or process) • preside pre (before) sid (sit) • session sess (sit) ion (act of)

  21. sis: process, condition • analysis ana(apart) lys (loosen) sis (process) • psychosis psych (mind)sis (condition) • diagnosis dia (across, through) gno (know) sis (process)

  22. spec (spic, spect): look, watch • spectator spect (watch) or (one who) • respect re (back, again) spect (look) • conspicuous con (together) spic (look) ous (full of)

  23. struct: build • structure struct (build)ure (state or act of) • construct con (together) struct (build) • obstruction ob (against) struct (build)tion (act of)

  24. tract: pull • tractor tract (pull) or (that which) • distract dis (apart, away) tract (pull) • intractable in (not) tract (pull) able (capable of)--unyielding

  25. via: road, way • via via (way)—by way of • trivia tri (three) via (road)—originally the gossip discussed at the crossroads of msall villages and towns • viaduct via (way) duct (lead)

  26. xeno: foreign • xenophobia xeno (foreign) phobia (fear of) • xenogenesis xeno (foreign) gen (start) sis (process)—of foreign origin • xenolith xeno (foreign) lith (rock)

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