firegirl tony abbott june 2006 fiction n.
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Firegirl Tony Abbott June 2006 Fiction

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Firegirl Tony Abbott June 2006 Fiction. Madeline D Period 3. Setting.

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  • The setting of Firegirl is at a catholic school called St. Catherine's in Mrs. Tracy’s seventh grade classroom. This setting is important because certain things happen in the school that give meaning to Jessica. The book would be different if the setting were different because certain things happen to Jessica that couldn’t happen out of the catholic school.
  • Jessica Feeny was badly burned in an accident. She has to come to a new school because it is close to her treatment hospital. When she comes into the classroom the first time nobody wants to be friends with her because of the way she looks. The main conflict is man vs. society.
summary of plot
Summary of Plot
  • Jessica comes to a new classroom at St. Catherine’s catholic school in the beginning of the year. She is badly burned and nobody in school wants to be friends with her. Jeff becomes close friends with her and he loses most of his friends he used to always hang around. Then eventually Jessica has to move to Boston because her treatment wasn’t helping her.
  • Somebody may be ugly on the outside but they can be beautiful on the inside.+
  • Text Evidence 1: Jessica invited Tom over and he said he would love to. Pg-127
  • Text Evidence 2: Tom took Jessica’s homework to her house. Pg-79
  • Text Evidence 3: Tom dissed Jeff for Jessica. Pg-129
point of view
Point of View
  • The point of view is first person point of view because Tom is telling the story. This point of view helps understand how Tom the main character is feeling in most parts of the story and his thoughts on certain things, so you can understand the story better from his point of view. This story would be different if it wasn’t first person point of view because it wouldn’t show how Tom felt about Jessica the other main character. Also you wouldn’t understand it because the main character wouldn’t be telling the story.
  • The picture that falls out of Jessica’s pencil bag in school shows symbolism towards Jessica. It shows how she feels about her mother and that she doesn’t want people to see her in the past. In the picture her mom, dad, and her are standing together. She told the class that in the picture the little girl was her little sister and that she died. You could also tell that Tom knew someone was cropped out of the picture by the description in the book. Later on he found out that she didn’t like her mother and he saw the full picture when he was talking with her dad and it was her mother in the picture that got cut out.
  • This book is worth reading because it shows that you shouldn't care what people look like and that you should like everybody for there personality, so it has a lesson and it is intresting. If you wanted to read a good book I would recommend this book for you.