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June 2006 PowerPoint Presentation

June 2006

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June 2006

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  1. Overview of SATERN Approval Process for SupervisorsNote: this package does NOT cover all SATERN functionality for supervisors. Supervisors are encourage to access the full overview package at June 2006

  2. Module 1: SATERN Overview What is SATERN? SATERN - the System for Administration, Training, and Educational Resources for NASA – is NASA’s new Learning Management System that offers Web-based access to training information

  3. Module 1: SATERN Overview What Will SATERN Do for Supervisors and Employees? SATERN provides employees a “one-stop” approach to managing NASA training activities. Through SATERN employees will be able to: • Launch online courses • Search course catalogs for on-site training opportunities • Submit training registration requests for both on and off-site training • Generate personalized training reports • Receive e-mail reminders on scheduled training • Check the status of enrollment Supervisors can also use SATERN to: • Approve training requests • Assign training • View employee training reports • Manage employees’ training requirements

  4. Main Menu Sub-menu Module 2: Getting Started Menus for SATERN functions can be found across the top of the screen When you roll your mouseover a top menu option, its submenu displays in the menu bar beneath the top menu Important: Use the menus to navigate and not the browser’s “back” button

  5. Only supervisors will see the My Employees menu option in the top menu bar Module 6: Working with Employee Records

  6. Module 7: Managing Employee Plans Approving Enrollments (On-site Training Requests) • As a supervisor, you will be responsible for approving enrollments in SATERN for your direct reports. • Not all learning activities require supervisor approval. This will vary by course. • You will receive an e-mail notification when there is an approval that requires your review. • There are 2 ways to access Approvals in SATERN • Click on the Alert on the Home Page or • Select Personalthen Approvals from the Menu

  7. Module 7: Managing Employee Plans Approving Enrollments (On-site Training Requests) • You will see a list of pending approvals. Click the ► next to the employee’s name to see additional details • Remove the checkmark from the checkbox unless you want to enter a reason and have it e-mailed to the learner • Select Approve, Deny or Skip for each submitted request

  8. Supervisors Approve or Deny their Subordinate’s External Training Requests (NF-1735) in the same way as Onsite Training. An Alert is shown on your Home Page: Supervisors can click on the Title to view the NF-1735, make any necessary edits and/or print the form Module 7: Managing Employee Plans External Training Approvals

  9. Supervisors can print the form for their records and edit their Subordinate’s request if needed. Clicking on the Title brings up your Subordinate’s actual NF-1735. Click the appropriate button for the action you wish to take. Module 7: Managing Employee Plans External Training Approvals

  10. Supervisors in SATERN are responsible for approving employees’ training requests, In addition, supervisors can enroll employees in scheduled offerings, add learning activities on employees’ learning plans, and run reports on employees’ learning activities. Supervisors can contribute to the success of the SATERN implementation by using SATERN and encouraging employees to do the same. Support for SATERN is available via the SATERN Help Desk (1-866-419-6297), the “?” Help button on SATERN, and through the HQ Training Contact. Summary Summary