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Using Attendance Data to Improve Student Achievement STATS-DC 2010 Attendance: Education’s Most Important KPI

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Using Attendance Data to Improve Student Achievement STATS-DC 2010 Attendance: Education’s Most Important KPI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Attendance Data to Improve Student Achievement STATS-DC 2010 Attendance: Education’s Most Important KPI. Tanya Williams PsyD, Coordinator Office of Attendance and Truancy Baltimore City Public Schools. Sue Fothergill, Coordinator Baltimore City Student Attendance Initiative .

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Presentation Transcript

Using Attendance Data to Improve Student AchievementSTATS-DC 2010Attendance: Education’s Most Important KPI

Tanya Williams PsyD, CoordinatorOffice of Attendance and Truancy

Baltimore City Public Schools

Sue Fothergill, CoordinatorBaltimore City Student

Attendance Initiative

attendance data a tool for school improvement
Attendance Data: A Tool for School Improvement

Poor Attendance is:

an early warning sign

predictive of academic failure

a drag on pace of instruction

costly for schools and cities

Attendance Measures are:






why are measures of attendance so powerful
Why are Measures of Attendance so Powerful?

Attendance Measures Are:

  • Up-to-date, recorded daily in most districts
  • Easily Understood by all stakeholders
  • Universally Accepted as Important – better attendance leads to higher achievement
  • Best Available Indicator of student engagement
  • Strong Predictor of school failure
  • Counterbalance to “push-out” tendencies of test-based accountability rubrics

The Impact of Attendance on Student SuccessChronically absent kindergarteners in a six city study had the lowest performance on 5th grade assessments.

Source: Chang and Romero, 2008


The problem: Chronic Absence in Baltimore is High and Rises to Epidemic Levels by High School

Student Absences

10-19% of Days Absent

20% and Above of Days Absent

Source: Baltimore Education Research Consortium


Poor Attendance in 6th Grade

Predicts Dropout

High School Outcomes by Rates of Chronic Absenteeism in Sixth Grade

(Baltimore City Public Schools, 1990-00 Sixth Grade Cohort)



Attendance Strategy

all school absences reduce learning but they happen for different reasons
All school absences reduce learning, but they happen for different reasons,
  • Suspensions and Expulsions – school-imposed
  • Excused absence – illness, doctor’s visit, court, etc.
  • Unexcused absence – skipping school, sibling or elder care, no note, etc.

And need different solutions…

  • Adopt a progressive discipline code
  • Make attendance widely available and a “must respond to” indicator for school and student support staff
  • Stress positive, problem-solving approaches: increase student voice, incentives, communication to parents and community
baltimore s attendance strategy
Baltimore’s Attendance Strategy
  • Use Data to Understand the Problem
  • Bring in School, City and Community Partners
  • Study Best Practices
  • Implement School and System Reforms
  • Change Use of Attendance Data
baltimore city s use of attendance data is advancing
Baltimore City’s Use of Attendance Data is Advancing
  • Using additional data points besides ADA

Calculated by dividing the aggregate number of students in attendance by the aggregate number of students in membership for the same time frame. 

What proportion of students enrolled attend school each day


    • High attenders - 5 or fewer days absent
    • Regular attendance - 9 or fewer days absent (about 5%)


    • Chronic absence – 20 to 39 days (about 10-19%)-excused and unexcused
    • Habitual truancy – enrolled in a school for 91 ore more days, unlawfully absent for 20%
    • Suspensions and expulsions – school imposed absences


chronic absence rates 10 baltimore schools with attendance rates or to 95
Chronic Absence Rates, 10 Baltimore Schools with Attendance Rates > or = to 95%

Paying Attention Only to Average Daily Attendance Can Allow Chronic Absence to go Unnoticed.


baltimore city public schools attendance data
Baltimore City Public Schools Attendance Data

KASA Middle/High (#342)

preliminary data as of 7/2/2010

Enrollment= 290


Baltimore City’s Use of Attendance Data is Increasing Focus for SY 1011

  • Taking Attendance more often: daily in K-8 schools and in each class in Secondary schools
  • Triaging Schools: high absence schoolsflagged for intervention
  • Triaging Students: high-absence students are flaggedfor referralto Student Support and IEP Teams and community services
  • Increasing Accountability: district-level “Attendance-Stat” and “Special-Education Stat” to track data collection, attendance rates and areas of need
  • Improving Dissemination: web-portal gives real-time & historical data for students and whole school to principals
  • Determining how and where incentives should be used


Attendance Results


over 14 000 fewer suspensions in baltimore city public schools
Over 14,000 Fewer Suspensions in Baltimore City Public Schools

Note: School District Population School Year 2008–09, 82,266


Baltimore City Student Attendance Initiatives’ Documents:

Username: attendancewg.user

Password: stayinschool

Contact: Sue Fothergill

Phone: 410-404-4570


Photography by

Audrey Gatewood