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Chap 3. Simple Diode I-V Representation. V ON = 0.7v. Ideal. R Leak. R ON =ohms. Diode Symbols and Ckt Representation. Diode SPICE parameters. Simple Diode Rectifer. R Leak. R on =RS =10 ohms. Limiters/Clippers. R Leak. 10V. -8V. Limiters/Clippers Con’t Zeners. V  +V Z. V Z.

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Simple Diode I-V Representation

VON = 0.7v



RON =ohms

simple diode rectifer
Simple Diode Rectifer


Ron =RS =10 ohms


Limiters/Clippers Con’t









Vo = RDiode Vin/(RDiode+R)

zener regulation
Zener Regulation

Supplemental Material

full wave rectifier
Full Wave Rectifier

Supplemental Material

rfid doublers1
RFID Doublers

|RS + jXCB | <

|20xRL + JXCL|

“Short Ckt”

diode switching
Diode Switching

Supplemental Material

diode summary
Diode Summary

Forward bias:

Initially Qp is zero,all If goes to dQp/dt

In steady state ,

Supplemental Material

Charge Storage: The process of excess charge removal to undo the charge just built up.

Until the removal of Qp is complete, diode will continue to remain on with Vd  0.7V.

diode summary1
Diode Summary

Cuttoff: During this transient no substantial amount of excess holes is built up.

id = dQj/dt.

The applied current goes to charge Cj .A simple first order circuit.

Charging of Cj is confirmed by the spike in the current.

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diode summary2
Diode Summary

Neagtive Ir should confirm

Charge at time t is given by

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diode summary3
Diode Summary

Reverse recovery:

All of Qp has been swept , and the diode is back at the edge of conduction.

Retraces its initial turn on transient , but in reverse direction.

Id is negative , but is still governed by

Supplemental Material